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Our US Army PrepPacks™

Our PrepPacks™ were devised to benefit you so you can transcend the other US Army candidates. You will be on your way to a favorable outcome with our in-depth practice tests and study guides. Begin practicing right away!


"The Numerical and Verbal Practice Tests were spot on! It was a great experience to get the best preparation and have a good time while doing it."

Sebastian W., candidate for Officer's Course position at the US Army


  • 95% of JobTestPrep applicants to the US Army said that Numerical and Verbal test are certainly given to candidates.
  • 88% of people that practised with JobTestPrep said that they got an enormous increase in confidence that very was appealing to their potential employers.

US Army Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are a form of assessment test used by the US Army to determine how well an applicant can evaluate, understand, and deduce appropriate conclusions based on written reports. These tests have become a backbone for many organisations indifferent of the position applied for.

US Army Personality Test

The US Army distribute personality tests to their candidates to better filter possible employees before they can sign on the dotted line. They want to know who will carry out the assessment sufficiently and those who won't. It is imperative to note that you must respond to every question honestly and follow your intuition. Over analysing questions will throw you off, waste time and possibly show to the recruiter that you are being dishonest.

US Army Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

An abstract reasoning test favors the employers by allowing them evaluate your approximate intellectual capabilities disregarding previous background, experience or teaching by focusing on your logical reasoning skill set. Assessments are carried out on all levels between the c-level down to 9-5 blue collar worker. As results are immediate, make sure to bring your game.


Succeed in Your US Army Recruitment Process

Outperform the competition using our exclusive job recruitment preparation materials. We offer 24/7 access to dozens of practice tests, study guides, and more to ensure your success. Sign up and begin practicing today!


US Army Interview Policy

Behavioral interview questions are less straightforward than traditional face-to-face interview questions. Companies use this type of interview to predict how you may react to situations in your new position based on the behaviors you have exhibited in the past. When answering your interviewer’s questions, be sure to include the following details:

  • A specific situation
  • Tasks that needed to be completed
  • Your course of action
  • The outcome


It is important to note that there are no right or wrong answers during this type of interview – your interviewer is merely trying to understand how you have handled given situations. This is done to determine if your skills match the competencies required for the position they have available within their company.

US Army Assessment Centre Objective

An Assessment Centre is a more accurate way of classifying a potential employees’ suitability for the specific position. Employers have come to an understanding that inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre for a day or two generates a more precise understanding of their professionalism and characters rather than just testing or interviewing them. Evaluating applicants during events at the Assessment Centre is more efficient because they are required to do different activities there: to participate in group discussions and role-playing, make presentations, take part in social events and case studies, and pass different written tests. For companies, inviting candidates to the Assessment Centre reduces the risk of hiring people that do not fit. Taking part in different exercises at the Assessment Centre could possibly be bad lousy experience, yet they're very beneficial to get good results at. Candidates are eliminated at every stage of the event. A few of them arrive to the final stage, which is an interview with a company’s managers that may offer the position.

How Should I Prepare For My US Army Numerical Test?

The most efficient and effective method to prepare for this and any test is through preparation and training. JobTestPrep offers dozens of practise materials and study guides to stimulate and strengthen your talent so you can surpass the other US Army candidates.

What Are the Different Steps That US Army May Exploit to Find the Right Candidate?

  • Pre-employment tests - Applicant Talent Assessments weed out the candidates that do not have the skills to properly perform the job. The company wants to know you can do the technical work.
  • The Interview - This could include a screening phone call, followed by a first, second and even third interview. Of course, the process for C-Levels will be more intense than for lower level workers.
  • The follow-up – After each stage make sure you follow up by thanking your interviewer for their time and to reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Background and Drug Testing – Be aware many companies will check your criminal history and may even perform drug tests.
  • Reference Checks – Usually once the company has made up their mind to hire they will ask you for one or two references to collaborating your story.

Jobtestprep will provide you all the tools you need to guide you through each stage of the process.

What Is the General Hiring Process for US Army?

The initial stage will be an online application which will include among other things, a few questions about your work background and skill set. If it is accepted, a company representative will continue with a screening phone call to decide if you will move on to the later step. Next comes the testing period, which will have all the different assessments. If you successfully pass the tests then the organisation will call you for either one or a few sit-down interviews to make a final judgment on your candidacy. Once the decision has been made the company will call and negotiate a job offer – Congratulations!


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