Prepare and Succeed with FCO Fast Stream Preparation

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) accepts graduates through the Generalist scheme using the FCO Fast Stream recruitment process. If you are a student or a graduate, this page will tell you about the assessment tests used and explain the hiring stages.


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FCO Tests
  • 5 Cubiks Logiks-style practice tests
  • 2 case study practice tests
  • 5 situational judgement tests
  • 1 full-length personality test
  • 3 group and role-play exercises
  • Interview preparation
  • 12 study guides and video tutorials

Hiring Procedure at FCO

Recruitment to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is through the Diplomatic Stream of the Civil Service Fast Stream. The recruitment process follows that of the Civil Service Fast Stream. If you want to start your career in the FCO, you need to do your best throughout each stage of this recruitment process. Preparation is key and this product is here to help.

The recruitment process for the FCO Fast Stream follows the Fast Stream recruitment process:

  • Application Form
  • Civil Service Online Aptitude Tests
    • Numerical Reasoning Test
    • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Competency Questionnaire
  • E-Tray Exercise
  • Civil Service Fast Stream Assessment Centre

For more information about the individual stages of the recruitment process, see our Civil Service recruitment page.

The key qualities for every Fast Streamer and competencies that you will need to evidence throughout each stage of the recruitment process are:

  • Setting direction - innovative; looking for opportunities to improve what we do; how to work smarter. Use judgement, evidence and knowledge to provide accurate, informed and professional advice.
  • Engaging people - lead from the front; communicate clearly; interested in continuing to learn; fairness to all, dedication to all customers.
  • Delivering results - programme and project management; address challenges responsibly and constructively.