Prepare for the United Nations Aptitude Test

The road to being accepted to the United Nations passes through the UN Aptitude Test - a challenging assessment which thoroughly examines your verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning abilities. To maximize your chances of landing the position you're aiming for, preparation is key

With JobTestPrep's specialized UN Aptitude Test preparation pack you will get everything you need to beat this challenging test, including:

  • Numerical reasoning practice tests to sharpen your abilities and allow you to answer complicated questions accurately and quickly
  • Verbal reasoning practice tests which will help you glean the information you need from complex texts
  • Abstract reasoning practice tests to improve your skills in identifying patterns in non-verbal information 
  • Checking tests which will teach you to identify minor differences in similar information at lightning speed

JobTestPrep has been providing accurate preparation for candidates since 1992. You can trust our expertise and experience to guide you all the way to acing your test. 

UN Aptitude Test Practice
  • 7 Numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 7 Verbal practice tests
  • 11 Inductive reasoning tests
  • 2 Deductive reasoning tests
  • 5 Checking tests
  • 20 Study guides & video tutorials

What is the UN Aptitude Test

The UN Aptitude Test is one of the main obstacles on your way to a fulfilling career with the United Nations. The main types of questions you will face are: 

Numerical Reasoning Tests - The levels of questions you are given depend to a large extent on the position you are applying for, and range from the high-level graduate / management tests to the more basic operational degree. In our preparation pack you will find practice tests that are adapted to the various levels of the UN Aptitude Test. 

Verbal Reasoning Tests - The level of questions in this section might also vary depending on the type of position, but you will usually be examined on your ability to identify relevant information in complex texts and deduce conclusions from it. 

Abstract Reasoning Tests - These types of questions are considered by many to be the purest form of intelligence assessment, since they do not rely on a candidate's background or education as much as other types. You will usually be presented with a series of shapes that follow a hidden rule, which you will need to identify in order to choose which shape belongs in the series according to that rule. 

UN Aptitude Test Sample Question

If each pageview is worth 0.02 in advertising to, what was its income from traffic in July, if that month's gain from donations was 250,000?







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The correct answer is (C) - 1.05m

According to the graph, in July, had 40 million page-views. In the question given that the income from advertising is £0.02 per page-view. Therefore, for 40 million page-views, the income from advertising, in July, was: 0.02*40*1,000,000 = £800,000.

It is also given that Income from traffic = advertising + donations and that in July, the donations' gain was £250,000. Therefore; add the income from donations to the advertising-income, and get the total income of in July:

800,000+250,000 = £1,050,000, which is 1.05m.

Therefore, add the revenue from advertising revenue donations, in order to get the total revenue of in July: 800,000 + 250,000 = £ 1,050,000 which is 1.05 million.

United Nations Interview Preparation

After your CV has been screened, you may be requested to participate in an initial phone interview. This type of interview can take 10 tp to 30 minutes. During the phone interview, you should expect questions regarding your work history and availability.

If you pass this initial screening, you will be contacted to come in for a face-to-face interview. During the face-to-face interview, you will have the ability to elaborate further on your essential skills and abilities for the job you have applied for. Researching the specific skills and competencies that the company is looking for, prior to being contacted for either interview, is advised.

United Nations Assessment Centre Objective

The Assessment Centre is a more accurate way of getting to know potential employees and how well they suit the job position. Assessment Centre is usually made up of the following activities: group discussions and role-playing, making presentations, taking part in social events & case studies and passing different written tests.

Collectively, these exercises uncover job candidates’ personality and professional character. The important qualities that should be highlighted in candidates are: analytical thinking, commercial awareness, adaptability and leadership. A successful day at the Assessment Centre is of great importance and usually leads to employment!

What Is the Purpose of the United Nations Personality Test?

The United Nations personality assessment gauges your workplace personality. These examinations will bring to light your ability to learn new information, how you adapt to change, as well as how you collaborate with your colleagues. There are essentially no true or false answers to them, nevertheless, some responses can make or break your job application.

How Long Will the United Nations Recruitment Process Take?

The United Nations recruitment process usually takes several weeks. The screening procedure usually involves an introductory phone interview, followed by an assessment centre in which you will be challenged with group exercises, aptitude tests and face-to-face interviews. After these steps have been completed, the company will consider its options and contact you as to whether or not you will be offered the position.


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