Pass the Ontario Power Generation Assessment With the Complete SHL Preparation

Whether you are an aspiring nuclear operator or a successful technologist looking to take the next step in your career, Ontario Power Generation is looking for you. However, before you can get that big offer, there are a number of tests and interviews, which you must pass through in order to join the ranks of OPG ‘s 10,000 plus employees. With practice comes precision, so make sure that you get a leg up on your competitors only with JobTestPrep!

Ontario Power Generation Assessment Tests Practice

Verify G+ Practice:

  • 16 Deductive, Inductive & Numerical tests

SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice:

  • 6 SHL numerical practice tests + 12 guides

SHL Verbal Reasoning Practice:

  • 4 SHL verbal practice tests + 2 video tutorials

SHL Inductive Reasoning Practice:

  • 17 SHL inductive practice tests

SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice:

  • 2 SHL deductive practice tests

SHL Checking Practice:

  • 5 SHL checking practice tests

Personality Profiling:

  • SHL OPQ32 study guide
  • A Full personality practice test
  • 30 single trait drills

Prepare for Ontario Power Generation's Pre-Employment Tests

Prior to being hired at OPG, you will need to pass a variety of assessment exams provided by SHL, including mechanical aptitude and operations tests to ensure that your skill sets match both the job description and the wider company needs.

  • Mechanical Aptitude Test: This test measure candidates' knowledge of mechanical and physical concepts. These tests usually consist of multiple-choice questions based on a given diagram. Succeeding in the test requires a good understanding of basic physics principles. Preparing in advance is necessary for optimal performance.
  • Operations Test: This test measures your understanding of engineering theories, principles and concepts, while at the same time challenging you to develop new methods of working. The test will be heavily centered around technical languages, programming and system processes, so it is important to think quickly and understand how to work collaboratively with various teams.

The different steps in the Ontario Power Generation hiring process are:

  • Online Profile: Your profile will include your career preference, a cover letter along you’re your CV. While this does not constitute your official application, it will allow the company to send you relevant opportunities as they become available.
  • Application: When applying for a position, you will face a survey or aptitude tests for specific positions.
  • Interview: You will be invited for a sit-down interview with a hiring manager, after which a conditional job offer will be made.
  • Clearance: Your job offer will be contingent upon passing a full security and medical background check.

Ontario Power Generation Questions and Answers

While some technical questions will be asked, those questions are reserved for pre-hire tests. Your interview will focus on behavioral questions to ensure that you are properly prepared to deal with the day to day challenges that fall outside the technical parameters of your position. Moreover, your interview will most likely include two interviews.

  • Q: How do you manage work conflicts?
  • A: Think about both sides of the issues and where the various parties are coming from and get the bottom line.
  • Q: Explain and give working examples of a supply chain.
  • A: Read up and find good examples, look at company competitors to make the conversation more lively.
  • Q: Have you ever used critical thinking or analytical skills to solve an issue?
  • A: For this question, they are really asking you for the process by which you solved the issue. Try to connect it to the company.