Practise for the UNHCR Interview and Aptitude Tests

This PrepPack™ combines Profiling for Success (PfS)-style numerical, verbal and abstract tests, tutorials and guides.

UNHCR Numerical Tests

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to assess mathematical competence that you probably haven’t used in years. The practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Using this PrepPack™ gives you a great foundation that will enable you to really get to grips with any type of assessment that they may assign.

UNHCR Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests examine you on a range of language skills. These skills are usually divided into the following groups: Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. Vocabulary assessments test your understanding of the words that are used in your line of work. This is measured through various assessments, such as mixed sentences tests, complete the sentence tests, spelling tests and more.

Grammar tests examine your understanding of English grammar and your ability to identify proper and inappropriate grammar. Comprehension tests are designed to measure your ability to understand written information, analyse it and interpret what you have read to answer questions. Critical Reasoning tests measure how you analyse the information in front of you. Practise verbal reasoning tests using the PrepPack™'s specific study materials.


UNHCR Interview

In order to put your best foot forward during the interview process, it is essential that you research the expectations for the position which you have applied for and the sorts of questions you will likely be asked.

An interview will generally cover questions regarding your availability, work experience, salary expectations, your knowledge of the position being offered (responsibilities, duties and so on.), why you would like to work for the company and so forth. Answering these questions confidently and effectively will undoubtedly boost your odds of being offered the position in the end.

UNHCR Assessment Centre

The ultimate stage of your recruitment process is the UNHCR assessment centre. As part of the assessment day, you will be asked to participate in some or all of the following activities: Role-play, case study, interview and aptitude test. You will receive a brief providing you with the specific activities you will be anticipated to complete. The purpose of the assessment centre is to evaluate how you work both as part of a team as well as individually.

Is Being Consistent Important on UNHCR Personality Tests?

Being consistent is greatly valued when taking a personality assessment test. During personality tests, you may be asked identical questions that are worded differently. If you answer these similar questions differently, it will be reflected in your results. 

This is an issue only if you significantly contradict yourself; for example, answering "agree" to "I'm never late" and "I have a tendency to be late to some meeting". During the test, you may encounter similar statements but not agree or disagree with all of them; in this case, it is fine to answer differently. For example, answering "agree" to both "I prefer working with people rather than working along" and "Sometimes, I need some alone time."

What Skills Do UNHCR Numerical Tests Measure?

Numerical reasoning tests are created to assess the skills and abilities required to do essentially any job. Basic maths or computations skills, such as the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), percentages and ratios, to name a few, are all needed on a daily basis. 

It's is crucial to understand and analyse graphs and other numerical data for many graduate and management positions. If you work in the finance or banking sector, financial reasoning skills are a necessity. Most technical jobs require applicants to have speed and concentration when working with numerical data. Critical reasoning is necessary for many high-level positions, while estimation skills are also a big advantage in many jobs.


What should I Emphasise During my UNHCR Interview?

Occasionally, you should emphasise why you are the most suitable selection for the job. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to flourish. Use the STAR method to answer questions, as this provides a complete picture and is an appealing way to answer.


Prepare for the United Nations Human Relief Assessments

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