Online Practice Materials for Fire & Rescue NSW

Becoming a firefighter with Fire & Rescue NSW will require both mental and physical hurdles. To ensure that your cognitive abilities are on par with those required for a role with Fire & Rescue NSW, JobTestPrep has created Revelian-style preparation materials. Come prepared for your Revelian assessments with the help of JobTestPrep.

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Fire & Rescue NSW’s Hiring Process

There are many steps and stages in the Fire & Rescue NSW recruitment process. Below you will find more information regarding what it will take to join the NSW Fire Brigade:

Applicant Gateway – Part I

During the first phase of the Fire & Rescue NSW recruitment process, you will submit an online application. From there, you will be expected to complete several psychometric tests to determine your cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. The application process can only be completed if there is a hiring campaign scheduled.

  • Phase I - Online Application: You will be able to submit your online application and copy of your driver licence once the hiring campaign has begun
  • Phase II & III - Online Testing: You will be required to take a cognitive ability assessment provided by the external psychometric test provider Revelian in Phase II of the recruitment process. Additional emotional intelligence testing will follow in Phase III of this process and include personality/ situational judgment-style questions. Both tests will provide an overall suitability score for the role you have applied for.

Applicant Gateway – Part II

  • Physical Assessment Test (PAT): It is no secret that a job as a firefighter is demanding, both mentally and physically. In this part of the recruitment process, you will need to pass the Physical Assessment Test (PAT) in order to progress to the interview stage of the NSW Fire Brigade hiring process. The tasks that you will need to complete during the PAT were designed to simulate work carried out by firefighters in emergency situations. The PAT is divided into three stages and will include tasks such as reduced visibility search, ladder simulation, fire attack simulation, and firefighter rescue. The tasks in the second stage of the PAT will be timed and need to be completed before the 15-minute time limit is up.


    To prepare for the PAT, it is recommended that you download a copy of the Fire Fit Training Guide PDF directly from the NSW Fire Brigade website. The Fire Fit Training Guide is based on an 8-12 week training programme and is available on the Fire & Rescue NSW website. This guide and it’s training plan will help you become physically ready to endure and complete the required tasks during the PAT.

The Three (3) Merit-Based Recruitment Stages

Once you have passed the PAT the questions that you answered during the initial application process will be reviewed by a selection panel. This step will determine whether you will be able to progress further in the recruitment process. If you get past the selection panel, you should prepare for:

  • Online Verification Test: In this stage of the hiring process you will be required to re-take the cognitive ability test from previous stages in the recruitment process. This test will be supervised to verify that the original test was taken by the same applicant.
  • Fire & Rescue NSW Interview Process During the NSW Fire Brigade interview process you will be asked a series of behavioural and situational-based questions. You will need to participate in four or more panel interviews made of two or more interviewers during this process. The Fire & Rescue NSW webpage has all of the information that you will need regarding the full interview process, as well as interview question examples. Many of the questions you will be asked will best be answered using the STARLA (Situation, Task, Action, Result, Learning, Application) method.
  • Medical Assessment: The purpose of the medical assessment is to determine whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions that would prevent or hinder you from carrying out your duties as a firefighter safely and effectively.

If you have successfully passed each stage of the Fire & Rescue NSW recruitment process you will receive an offer of employment. If you accept the offer of employment, you will need to go through a 13-week recruit training programme.

There are many useful resources to go through directly from the NSW fire Brigade webpage to get you ready for your online assessments, PAT, and personal interviews (includes sample questions and other useful tips).


Fire & Rescue NSW Revelian Aptitude Tests

The shared values of FRNSW include respect, integrity, service, and courage. The sit-down assessment tests that you will be required to take during the FRNSW’s hiring process were designed to evaluate your cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and values. These tests will include the Revelian Cognitive Ability assessment as well as a personality and situational judgment exam.

Passing the Revelian Cognitive test, the personality questionnaire, and your situational judgment exam will all come down to how you have prepared. JobTestPrep offers highly effective job preparation materials including those for the Revelian, personality, and situational judgment tests. By practising with JobTestPrep you will not only give yourself an advantage over other applicants but also demonstrate consistency when taking these same exams later in the FRNSW recruitment process.

Begin practising today to overcome the other FRNSW applicants & launch your career.


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