FCA Recruitment: FCA Tests, Assessment Centre & Interview Practice

Are you applying to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the FCA graduate scheme, internship or other position? Our PrepPack™ will help you succeed in passing through the recruitment process and get the job you want.

FCA Assessment Test
  • 3 Talent Q Elements-style verbal practice tests
  • 8 basic math practice tests
  • 16 numerical reasoning tests (tables & graphs)
  • 7 word problems tests
  • 9 number series practice tests
  • 11 T/F/C practice tests 
  • 18 reading comprehension tests
  • 6 critical reasoning practice tests
  • 7 verbal analysis practice tests
  • 11 graduate & management SJT's
  • 9 numerical drills
  • Interview preparation
  • 16 video tutorials & study guides

Our PrepPack™ includes Talent Q Elements-style verbal tests, as well as numerical tests that consist of basic math, table and graphs, word problems, number series and T/F/C.  Also included are logical tests, SJT's, drills, guides and tutorials. Begin practising today!

FCA Application Form

Here you will get the opportunity to upload your CV and answer some application questions.

When preparing your CV for uploading to your application form, it is important to bear in mind that this will be read and assessed against the key competencies and values of FCA.

These are:

  • Backbone
  • Professional excellence
  • Curiosity
  • Strength as a team

Incorporating these values into your CV is one of the hardest possible tasks, as you have to present an objective view of your accomplishments whilst at the same time showcasing where you have shown these skills before. 

FCA Online Psychometric Tests

There are a number of different psychometric tests that you have to take in the next stage of your FCA application. They are:

FCA Situational Judgement Test and Motivational Questions

If the FCA is interested in proceeding further once your application form has been received, you will be invited to take a situational judgement test, commonly known as the SJT.

In this test, you will be presented with a series of scenarios that you can be expected to face on the job.

You have to select the one option that you are most likely to choose and another that you are least likely to choose in a given situation.

Your answers are assessed against the key competencies of the company as well as what the job expects you to do.

There is a difficult balance to find in order to answer the scenarios in the best possible manner. Learn how we can help you succeed in the FCA test.

 After completing the FCA SJT, you will be asked to answer four motivational questions about your desire to work for the Financial Conduct Authority. You must answer each question in 500 words or less. In order to do this successfully, you need to incorporate the key values of the FCA that we mentioned above in your answers.

FCA Numerical Reasoning Test

Once you have taken the FCA SJT and answered the motivational questions, you will be asked to take two Kenexa provided tests.

The numerical reasoning test presents you a series of charts and graphs that you have to use to calculate the correct answer to some multiple choice questions.

You do this by using percentages and ratios aside from the normal mathematical functions.

Preparation for this test is vital as not only do you have to answer the questions set, you have to do so within a very short amount of time.

Hence, studying in advance is not merely a good idea, it is absolutely essential if you want to do well. See our Kenexa numerical reasoning test package for more details on how we can help you succeed.

FCA Abstract Reasoning Test

On this FCA test, you will be presented with a series of different shapes and matrices that follow different logical patterns.

It is your task to work these patterns out and use them to find the correct option. There are 24 questions to answer in just 12 minutes so working quickly is the key to success.

Check out our abstract reasoning practice pack to give yourself the best chance of success.

Verbal Test

Your grammar, vocabulary, text analysis and reading comprehension are measured here. Some of the questions are in the T/F/C (True/ False/ Cannot say) format, which means that you will be given statements, and asked if you agree, disagree or cannot decide about each statement. 

FCA Phone Interview

If you pass the FCA psychometric tests, you will be invited to take part in the FCA telephone interview.

This is a commercial awareness and competency based interview held with a member of the FCA HR team.

You will be asked some questions on your commercial awareness so make sure you are up to date on any news stories that are related to the FCA.

You will also almost definitely be asked, “What can you bring to the FCA?” To ensure that you are fully prepared for this interview, make sure you have prepared answers that show how you have demonstrated the key competencies of the company before.

When showing these skills, do so in the STAR based method of answering questions as this provides a complete picture of the situation and where you have demonstrated these skills.

The best way to prepare for this interview is to actually have a mock one. You can do this with a helpful friend or relative.

This is best done, however, with a trained assessor who will ask the correct questions, provide accurate prompts and give you expert advice and guidance so that you can perform to your best level during the interview. 

FCA Assessment Centre

If you pass the FCA interview successfully you will be invited to the FCA assessment centre. Whilst in the past this was split into two assessment centres, it is now one full day of activities. These are outlined below.

Group Exercise

Candidates will be put in a room with recording equipment and cameras. Each member of a group will be given different, but related, set of information.

The group has 30 minutes to process this information and make a decision and then one person in the group is chosen to summarise and present the group's argument or findings.

Skills such as time management, decision making, teamwork and communication with others will be assessed. Find out how we can help you succeed in the group exercise here.

Written Exercise

In this test, each person in the group is given a laptop with a set of information that needs to be summarised as well as used to perform other tasks such as writing formal letters and sending emails.

There is no spell check on the laptops so be sure to double check your spelling. Prepare for your written exercise with our preparation pack.

Psychometric Test

You may be required to retake the psychometric tests you have already passed. The test is similar to those you have already passed at the beginning of the application process.

The main difference is that for this test you are not allowed to use a calculator and it will be done on paper as opposed to a computer.

Individual Case Study

In this section, you will be given a case study to complete. You will be given approximately 30 minutes to read through the given material after which you will be required to present your information to two FCA assessors. Learn more about case studies.


The interview will be conducted by two FCA assessors. They will ask you questions about your motives for applying to the FCA and what graduate programmes appeal to you.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding what you wrote on your application in some detail. However, don't be too nervous as the interviewers will not ask questions that will knock you off guard.

More Information About FCA Opportunities

The Financial Conduct Authority, formerly the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is a great place to work, particularly if you are just starting out in the job market.

The FCA graduate program recruits around 100 graduates every year and there is high competition for each and every one of these positions.

There are also summer internships and experienced hire positions available on a rolling basis. The four different programmes available are: IT development programme, economics development programme, managerial accountancy programme and risk specialist development scheme.

In order to give yourself the best chance of success in this application, it is essential that you are fully prepared for the recruitment process. Practise with us today for your best chance of success.



Get Ready for the FCA Assessments

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