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About University of Otago

This highly-acclaimed academy is located in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Open jobs at University of Otago

Among the many available positions in the University, there are:

IT Architect Vascular Laboratory Technician
Finance Associate Administrator Client Services

Benefits in working at University of Otago

The workers enjoy:

Career opportunities Job security
Good environment and staff Flexibility

Recruitment Process at University of Otago

The hiring process at University of Otago can change from one role to another. The main steps are:

  • Online Application: Send your CV to the job you want.
  • Assessment Centre: You might be invited to an assessment centre, and participate in a group interview, presentation and other activities. Also, exams might be part of the day. The assessment centre gives the recruiters a bigger picture of all candidates. That way, the recruiters can decide who is suitable for the University of Otago, and the specific position.
  • Interview: Can be a panel interview with the relevant direct boss and colleague.
  • Exams: SHL is an important test, and other exams may be required too.

Aptitude Tests at University of Otago

The most important assessment is:

Other exams can be:

  • SJT (Situational judgment test): Evaluates how you solve problems and make decisions, by giving you various conflicts and asks you to select the most appropriate solution (in your opinion).
  • Excel: Tests your knowledge and level in Microsoft Excel.

It is recommended to study for the assessments in advance, because they are usually time-limited, composed of multiple-choice questions, and therefore require a thorough practise.

University of Otago’s Interview Questions

You should prepare for the interview as well, by studying with the tools provided by JobTestPrep. Some of the questions might be: 

  • Please walk me through your CV.
  • Describe a difficult situation that you encountered, and how you dealt with it.
  • In your opinion, what constitutes a positive environment at work?
  • How would you explain this term, ‘X’, to someone from a different discipline?


University of Otago Subsidiaries:
Knox College Centre For Reproduction and Genomics

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