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How to Become a Police Officer in Sweden?

Training of police officers is carried out in Sweden at universities. Although in the past, short training courses were sufficient to become a policeman, now the Swedish government requires its police officers to have a university degree. The universities preparing students for a policeman career are Södertörn, Umeå, and Växjö. As a rule, students study 5 semesters and have half a year of practice as a Police Trainee. Other requirements are also crucial: to become a police officer, university graduates need to excel on pre-employment assessment, have Swedish citizenship, drivers license, and personal traits indispensable for the profession of a policeman. Police officers should be physically fit, too.

Those who see themselves as police chiefs should also have a degree form one of the three above-mentioned universities or graduate from the National Police Academy. Sometimes, would-be police chiefs need to obtain degrees from both institutions. In addition, they can participate in a special leadership training program that is organized by the police and lasts eighteenth months. A must in the past, now a law degree is not required to become a police chief officer. The requirements that people should meet to be policemen in Sweden are highly difficult and demanding. Among thousands of aspirants, only hundreds become police officers. Practising with JobTestPrep’s well-researched and well-developed test simulations is, therefore, essential for your success. Go through a few dry runs of our Matrigma and Inductive Reasoning Tests and increase your chances of joining one of the units of the Swedish Police.

What Is the Matrigma Test?

This test measures general mental ability (GMA) and accurately predicts whether job candidates will succeed in their new workplace and will launch a new, rewarding career. Cognitive intelligence is a very wide category, but the Matrigma Test focuses on those cognitive abilities that are essential for fulfilling tasks at work correctly and efficiently. Among them are such abilities as accurate problem solving, logical reasoning, and the ability to understand and absorb new information.  

The Matrigma test differs from other tests in its emphasis on applicants’ fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve problems without requiring prior knowledge or experience. Because the test does not rely on applicants’ acquired knowledge, it is considered a fairly accurate prediction of their potential, regardless of their educational, cultural, or social background.   

Job applicants who receive high scores on the Matrigma test are rightly seen as people who will deliver good, spirited performance at work. They are good at performing complex and challenging job tasks and, as a rule, do not need supervision and micro-managing at work. Applicants scoring high on the test also can perform well in stressful situations and can always maintain a high pace of work, no matter how tired or unwell they can be.

What is peculiar about the Matrigma Test is that it is longer than an average psychometric test. Whereas other psychometric tests take on average 20 minutes to complete, applicants usually finish the Matrigma Test within 40 minutes. The difficulty of the questions on the Matrigma Test also increases as job candidates are progressing through it. With the test’s questions constantly becoming harder, employers can easily see who of the job candidates did their best on their examination and who were slack.  

Published by the Assessio International Cooperation, the Matrigma Test is now distributed by Hogan Assessment Systems.

On the test, you will need several types of tasks to perform:

  • You will need to discern and make logical connections between figures;
  • You will also be asked to understand the relationship between different objects;
  • You will be required to find points of similarity in different objects.

To help you to pass your tests and become a part of the Swedish police, JobTestPrep has developed specific preparatory materials for the Matrigma Test. We have put into our high-quality PrepPack™ a rich collection of inductive and abstract reasoning tests. Our test simulations are full length and perfectly imitate the character and the format of the real Matrigma test. To sharpen your reasoning skills even more, we have added to our resources 300 additional practice questions, supplying them with a step-by-step Matrigma study guide. Together, these materials are designed to help you excel on your examination and join the Swedish Policy Authority.


JobTestPrep is dedicated to assisting future police officers with passing their examination with ease and success. To this end, we have created a sophisticated PrepPack™ that contains all required tests and exercises to lead you to the fulfillment of your ambitions to carve a career in the Swedish Police authority.

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