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What You'll Get

  • 25 SHL-style verbal tests
  • Study guide and 2 video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions


Within this PrepPack™ find 25 SHL-styled verbal exams broken into 4 reading comprehension, 2 true/false/cannot say tests, 3 verbal applications exams that include mixed sentences such as, 'odd one out' and word completions. Within the SHL pack, there are also 13 verbal comprehensions and 3 verbal usage exams. There is also a special exam designed to 'follow instructions' and 2 technical understanding tests. We have included 2 video tutorials covering topics such as solving verbal reasoning questions and 'the true meaning of true/false/cannot say' exams. Lastly, there is an additional study guide on verbal comprehension. By the end of this bundle, you are sure to feel ready and energized for the actual assessment tests that await you during your interview process.


Digging Deeper into SHL-style Verbal Reasoning Tests

SHL-style Verbal Reasoning tests for technical support, administrative and operational positions measure two types of skills:

  1. General language skills: vocabulary, grammar, and logic within sentences
  2. Verbal understanding of written data

These skills are assessed by a few tests:

  • Following Instructions (VTS1) - measures the ability to follow written instructions in technical topics
  • Verbal Comprehension (VT1.1) - measures basic language skills required for technical work
  • Technical Understanding (VT5.1, VT5.2) - the candidate is required to answer questions about a written passage in a technical context
  • Verbal Usage - Questions present sentences with 2 missing words and 5 answer choices to complete these words. The candidate is evaluated for vocabulary, grammar and spelling
  • Verbal Comprehension (VP5.2a) - the candidate is required to answer questions based on understanding written information

In addition, most candidates are required to sit a Verify Verbal Reasoning test. This test is administered online and verified in a shortened version at the assessment centre. The tests measures the ability to analyse and interpret written information.

Who Can Benefit from This Pack?

This pack was tailored to meet the needs of people applying for the following types of jobs:

  • Sales Positions
  • Administration & Clerical Roles
  • Technical & Business Support
  • General Staff
  • Operational Roles
  • Call Centre
  • Customer Service

Why Buy This Pack?

Firstly, our tests are inspired by SHL-style Verbal Reasoning practice tests. They include similar skills, contents, test styles, time frames and difficulty levels. Second, some of the materials in this pack are suited for specific SHL-style test formats. In addition to these tests, we included practice materials as well as comprehensive video and PDF tutorials to help you improve your verbal reasoning abilities in general, and give you a bird’s eye view of the format of the SHL-stlye Verbal Reasoning test for operational and technical levels.

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