Practice CEB's SHL-Style Senior Management Tests

Prepare for top-tier aptitude tests for senior positions, similar to those used by SHL/CEB.

JobTestPrep is the first and only provider of tailored SHL/CEB style practice tests for senior managerial roles. 

  SHL-Style Numerical
45 numerical tests, SHL-style.
  • License For 3 Months
  SHL-Style Verbal
15 SHL-style verbal tests. Over 560 Q&A in total!
  • License For 3 Months
  SHL-style Inductive
11 inductive/logical reasoning tests, SHL-style. 360 Q&A!
  • License For 3 Month
  Numerical & Verbal
Save £9. SHL-style numerical & verbal pack.
  • License For 4 Months
  Numerical & Inductive
SHL-style numerical & logical tests, 1200+ Q&A. Save £9!
  • Licence For 4 Months
  Aptitude Bundle
Numerical, verbal, logical and more, SHL-style. Save £46!
  • License For 6 Months

 We Can Help You Prepare for SHL's Senior MGMT Tests

SHL Numerical Senior Management Test"The practise programme is first class and great for preparing for upcoming tests." 

Dyson and Indesit Candidate

SHL Numerical Senior Management Test"Your pack was able to bring me back to the basics and in addition prepare me for the advanced difficulty levels of SHL's assessments. Not having to sit aptitude tests for years, I was inconfident and forgot many principles, especially in maths. I passed the assessments successfully, you were definitely a factor in my success."

Senior IT Service Manager

Most senior managerial jobs require slightly different aptitude tests than those given to other standard jobs. Our online packs not only allow you to practice these top tier tests in advance, but also give you a chance to go back to the basics, in case you haven't dealt with these topics for years. We make sure to tailor these tests to reflect SHL/CEB content and concepts.

Here are some unique, SHL senior managerial tests you may encounter in your selection process, which are covered in our packs: 

  1. Verify numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning
  2. Advanced managerial tests (AMT) - numerical analysis, verbal analysis and application 
  3. Deductive reasoning
  4. Situational judgement tests

If needed, we offer Skype-based tuition sessions. This way you can get more support and tips for success from our team of professional tutors.

Tips on CEB's SHL-style Tests

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JobTestPrep is not a part of CEB or SHL and is not related to these trademarks in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.

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"Your product was excellent. I passed the test and the feedback was 'I did exceptionally well'."
Senior MGMT applicant, SHL numerical & verbal pack, July 2016

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