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SHL-Style Numerical & Verbal
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SHL-style Aptitude Bundle
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Prepare for CEB’s SHL-style numerical tests for graduates and managers. Get up-to-date practice materials, accompanied by detailed explanations, study guides and video tutorials.

What do you get?

  • Over 770 numerical practice questions!
  • 15 SHL-style numerical reasoning tests
  • 13 additional graph/table practice tests
  • 9 word problems tests
  • 8 topic-based drills (percentages, ratios, etc)
  • 16 video tutorials and study guides
  • A Financial Terms guide and practice drill covering profit, tax, inflation, stocks, and more!
  • Detailed explanations | Solving tips | Smart score reports
  • Secured payment

  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
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License For 3 Months

Why get this pack?

A great deal of effort has been put into this pack to ensure you are provided with the web's most comprehensive and up-to-date preparation pack. We are guided by three principles that make this package the best in the industry:
  • Our pack is graduate/mgmt level specific.
  • It is updated to the latest SHL numerical reasoning trends.
  • It contains study guides, instructional videos, and score reports in addition to numerical practice tests.

Watch the following video for the full answer to why you should get this pack.

What are the advantages of this pack?

1. Adapted to the various formats of CEB’s SHL tests

Several types of SHL tests are available in the market for graduate/management levels: the Numerical Critical Reasoning tests (which are part of the MGIB), the Verify Numerical Reasoning test, and more.

In order to deal with this diversity, we have developed practice tests that include a wide spectrum of questions, thus allowing you to prepare for any SHL numerical reasoning test you may come across.

varied pool of questions reflects the different SHL-style tests as seen on assessments these days, from concepts and visual appearance of the data to required mathematical and analytical skills and level of difficulty.

In addition, our pack is
the only one in the market offering a preparation that reflects the popular Verification method used by CEB’s SHL. According to this method, all candidates are required to sit an unsupervised online test, consisting of 18 questions (called the “Verify Ability Test”). Those who pass the test, are often requested to take a supervised shorter version of the test (called the “Verify Verification Test”), used to vouch for the reliability of their results. In order to help you prepare for both tests, we offer 10 practice tests that follow the length and time frames of the longer version, as well as 5 tests that follow those of the short version.

2. Offers comprehensive preparation

Our pack includes an extensive amount of practice materials, followed by detailed explanations. Together with our collection of video tutorials and study guides, this pack offers a comprehensive learning experience. To learn more about the video tutorials included in your pack, watch the following video.

3. Allows you to progress at your own pace

Whether you’ve just finished your degree or you can’t remember the last time you lay your hands on a calculator, this pack can help you maximise your potential!

The study aids and practice materials found in the pack will allow you to progressively advance from learning basic numerical concepts to practicing complex questions which are similar to (and sometimes exceed) the level of a real CEB’s SHL test.
Within the pack you will find video tutorials and study guides which elaborate on basic concepts and solving strategies that can reduce response times and increase overall performance. In addition, you will be able to practice your weak spots with our topic-based practice drills, which lay the foundations to the questions seen on SHL tests.

The highlight of the pack is the CEB’s SHL-style practice tests, each of which is designed to become progressively more difficult as you move on from one set of questions to another (with some of the tests including advanced financial questions). Not only does this feature follow CEB’s SHL tests, it also allows you to practice questions of varied levels of difficulty – from basic to advance. In addition, each test has a step-by-step and a timed version and is accompanied by detailed score reports, thus allowing you to progress at your own pace and keep track of your advancement.

Who can benefit from this pack?

Candidates applying for entry level, graduate and managerial roles in hundreds of companies and organisations using SHL aptitude tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some packages in which content overlaps. If you are considering preparing for more than one test, we advise you to buy this package first and then contact us before you make a second purchase. That way you will avoid paying more than you should but will receive the content you need.

As soon as you have completed your purchase, your product will be added to your online account and you will have the option to start practicing immediately. If you decide to login at a later stage, simply go to our website and enter your username and password via the top right corner of the screen.

Upon purchase, your license will be activated for 3, 4, 6, or 12 months, during which you will have unlimited access to the package you bought. The reasons for this license expiry are:
  1. Some clients abuse the license, allowing other people to use the account once they have finished their applications.
  2. Our packages are constantly being updated. We invest substantial resources in updating and adding more materials to each pack to keep up with market trends. As time goes by, each pack is in fact worth more than it was before because it includes more content and more practice questions.

Once you have paid for your product, you will NOT be charged by us again. If you want to renew your subscription with us, you will need to go through the subscription process again, for a discounted price.

Remember, it’s all about seising the opportunity. Get the pack, win the job!

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"This psychometric practice material is the most needed tool to everyone who wants to be successful in any graduate job."
Apetito, Graduate Supply Chain & Logistic Manager, January 2014
"Your tests were valuable practice."
ECB Numerical Test, March 2014

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