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SHL numerical reasoning tests for sales, technical, and operational jobs require basic numeracy skills such as manipulating fractions and decimals, the four basic operations, basic arithmetic, percentages, and equations (suited for GCSE level). In addition, they require basic ability to read and interpret numerical data found in tables and answer questions according to this data.

There are several types of numerical tests produced by SHL for technical, sales, and operational jobs:


  • Numerical reasoning – tests administered for all job types except semi-skilled staff. The difficulty level is basic for most roles, and medium for sales, call centre, and customer service applicants. Requires the use of a calculator to interpret data from tables.
  • Numerical estimation – non-calculator tests, administered for administrative, clerical, and technical roles. Require to estimate the answer of a calculation.
  • Numerical computation – non-calculator tests, administered for administrative, clerical, technical, and semi-skilled staff. Require basic numeracy skills (fractions, decimals, equations, etc.)

Who Can Benefit from This Pack

This pack was tailored to meet the needs of people applying for roles of the following types in hundreds of companies and organisations that use SHL numerical tests:

  • Sales positions
  • Administration and clerical roles
  • Technical and business support
  • General staff
  • Operational roles
  • Call centre
  • Customer service

Why JobTestPrep?

  • Our tests are inspired by SHL tests. They include similar skills, test styles, and difficulty levels.
  • We provide excellent learning materials written by JTP’s experienced assessors and test writers. If you do not remember some of your basic maths skills, use our guides and videos to remove the rust.
  • We give you extra challenging maths problems and numerical reasoning tests; If you feel that you have mastered all the other tests, you might want to try these tests to strengthen your skills even more.

What's Included

  • Over 480 numerical practice questions
  • 24 SHL-style numerical tests (NCC, NP and NT)
  • 7 topic-based drills: estimations (NP 10.1a and NTS2-style), conversions, etc.
  • 6 basic numeracy skills practice tests
  • 10 video tutorials + 5 PDF study guides
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access, 24/7 practice
  • Secured payment

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