JobTestPrep's preparation pack includes up-to-date practice materials that are similar to CEB's SHL aptitude tests, which can be found in Verify assessments and the Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB):

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning

These tests are used by a vast majority of employers today, and it is JobTestPrep's objective to help you get ready for them with the best preparation resources available.

Our pack also includes practice materials for several specific abilities required of candidates applying for jobs in certain fields:

  • Mechanical abilities practice – crucial for candidates applying for jobs in engineering, manufacturing, mining, or any other field that requires knowledge of mechanical concepts.
  • Spatial abilities practice – relevant for candidates applying to be an engineer, mechanic, or pilot, or for any other job that requires spatial abilities.
  • Diagrammatic reasoning practice – important for candidates applying for jobs in IT.

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What's Included

  • Over 100 aptitude tests, 2500+ questions in total
  • 37 numerical tests + 8 numerical drills
  • 21 verbal tests + 4 reading comprehension tests
  • 11 logical/inductive tests + 6 extra tests
  • 13 deductive reasoning tests
  • 9 mechanical tests
  • 10 diagrammatic reasoning and diagramming tests
  • 12 spatial abilities tests
  • 3 computer and checking tests
  • 14 video tutorials & 9 study guides
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access, 24/7 practice
  • Secured payment
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