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What's Included

  • Three full length Multiple Choice Question Tests, 21 questions each
  • Downloadable Interactive practice software
  • Two full-length Interactive Tests, 25 questions each
  • 180 additional practice questions
  • Thorough explanations for every question
  • Three tutorials that will take you from basic to advanced Excel use
  • Interactive tests available for up to 100 uses
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Access code will be sent within 24 hours
  • Please refer to system requirements



This product was created with the intent to prepare you for the SHL Excel 2010 test using 2 types of practice assessments and slide-based tutorials. The separate parts of the preparation packs are described below. Best of luck!

3 Multiple Choice Assessments

  • 21 tasks on each test.
  • Available immediately after purchase.
  • Two modes for conducting the tests:
    1. Timed Test – The test is limited by time and aid is not provided during the test. Feedback is given once the test is completed.
    2. Step by Step – There is unlimited time and aid is given after the completion of each question.

2 Full Length Interactive Tests

  • 25 tasks on each test.
  • An additional 180 tasks by subject
  • Login information and an access code will be sent to you within 12 hours of purchase. Download information will also be provided
  • The tests can be performed in two modes:
    1. Testing – 2 full-length assessments completed under a time limit. Explanations and feedback are provided after completion.
    2. Training – 2 full-length tests, plus an additional five preparation exercises separated by topic. There is an unlimited time-frame, and immediate feedback explanations are given

3 Excel Tutorials

  • Web-based slide layout with walk-through for different assessment subjects
  • 2 presentations discussing the common and basic concepts
  • An additional presentation for the more advanced features

System Requirements For the Interactive Software

  • Supported in Windows Vista, Service Pack 2 / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Installed version of Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 or newer
  • High speed internet connection
  • Not compatible with Mac Operating Systems. Microsoft Windows required.



JobTestPrep is not a part of SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for assessment tests.

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