Danone Aptitude Tests & Graduate Programme Prep


As Danone's legacy continues for over a century, the company is looking to recruit the brilliant minds of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Based on our research, the numerical and verbal tests are an absolutely vital part of the Danone application process, as annual recruitment is limited to 30 graduate hires and 20 non-graduate/student placements.

You can leverage your possibility of proving to be a lead candidate and progress to the next stage of the Danone recruitment process with the use of our SHL numerical & verbal preparation package.

At a certain stage in the Danone recruitment process, you'll be requested to proceed with Danone's Numerical and Verbal tests, supplied by SHL. In order to effectively progress to the following stage of the assessment and recruitment process, make use of JobTestPrep's diverse and robust preparation pack for Danone's online tests.


Tailored Tests for You

Get tailored practice tests that follow the content of CEB SHL tests. Our practice packs provide a holistic preparation journey, with full-length tests, explanations, score reports, tutorials, and PDF guides. Start practising today and increase your chances of landing the job you want. 



What are the Danone CEB SHL Tests?

Consisting of a set of 18 questions pertaining to numerical data presented in table or graph form, with related multiple-choice questions to proceed, the CEB SHL must be completed within 25 minutes. Applicants are tested for their numerical abilities with problem-solving questions and equations to be solved pertaining to percentages, ratios, conversions and fractions.

Within a brief 19-minute test period, applicants taking the CEB SHL verbal reasoning test address 30 questions, each of them consisting of a concise text followed by a series of text-specific questions. Evaluation of quick analytical thinking skills is the primary objective of this test, as comprehension levels are assessed based on your ability to identify whether statements pertaining to texts are true, false or indiscernible based on the information provided.

As your total time to complete both the numerical and verbal tests is approximately 45 minutes, ensure you manage your time wisely so as to leave time for yourself to review your answers to the test's precise questions.

Why Should You Use JobTestPrep's Pack?

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Danone Undergraduate Placement Process vs. the Graduate Scheme

The recruitment process for both undergraduate placements and graduates is nearly identical throughout the first 3 stages of the recruitment process, whereas stage 4 is what distinguishes one process from the other.

The Application Form and Submission of CV

The first stage of the Danone recruitment process is fairly standard and requires applicants to submit their application form online with their CV. Put your best foot forward at every stage, but particularly in this preliminary pre-screening process, as Danone receives countless applications annually and they hand pick their candidates. This is your opportunity to show that your pursuit of a career with Danone is in line with their passion and mission for health via nutrition, and that you maintain a clear understanding of corporate culture. This giant in the food industry recommends researching the Danone website, speaking to employees and accessing company reviews online prior to formulating a cover letter or answers to application form questions. 

Danone SHL Numerical and Verbal Tests

Candidates that have made it past the first stage of the application process will move on to Danone's aptitude tests, both numerical and verbal provided by SHL. Danone's experts evaluate test results as indicators of logical and deductive verbal and numerical reasoning to help them identify if you have the cognitive abilities, soft skills and agility to adapt to the various challenges employees meet daily. Passing these tests help the Danone recruitment team identify your contributing assets, and the comprehension and problem solving skill levels you can bring to the specific role. The total time allotted for both the numerical and verbal tests is 45 minutes, and thus provides the employer with an indication of how you're also able to resolve situations and challenges under time constraints and pressure.

Danone Video Interview

Once passing the numerical and verbal tests, Danone graduate applicants will go through a video interview that consists of 3 core questions. Your answers to them will provide the recruitment team with sufficient insight about who you are, what values you prioritize and how you understand Danone's goal and role in today's market. The Danone interviewers are looking to see how you maintain grace under fire and confidence, so bring your best communications skills to the forefront of the conversation and don't rush with any answers to questions. Be calm, thoughtful, thorough and articulate, all of the innate signs of a leader who can deliver results under pressure and overall.

Please note: Undergraduate placement applicants may or may not be asked to undergo a video interview, varying on the field and nature of the placement.

The Danone Leadership Academy

Applicants that have successfully completed the first 3 stages of Danone's recruitment process move on to the final and 4th stage: the Danone Leadership Academy. Since you've come this far in the process, the team at Danone are encouraged to help you succeed in your final stage of the application process, and thus offering you a briefing call with useful tips and pointers the week prior to the Danone Leadership Academy's commencement. The team at Danone urges candidates to perform thorough company research so as to arrive informed and ready to actively participate and exhibit natural talents without hesitating. Danone's evaluation of you is not comparative to other candidates, but rather measured against the company's ethical and behavioural codes. The assessment centre is the ideal setting to prove that you're able to cope with real-life workplace scenarios, as this trying day's activities are intense yet gratifying and educational.

Danone Competency-Based Face to Face Interview

The final and 4th stage of the undergraduate programme recruitment process offer the Danone team a means to get acquainted with your absolute best self, the final opportunity to showcase your strengths and top assets. Depending on the field and role, you may be required to complete a case study exercise that tests your practical skills and abilities required for your placement. In addition, the case study gives the Danone recruitment team an opportunity to assess your "CODE" abilities; at Danone, CODE stands for commitment, open, doer, empowered. Be strategic and prepared to outline various situations in which you exhibited commitment, openness or out-of-the-box thinking, taking initiative and empowering yourself and others.

Prepare for Success

While Danone's recruitment process for either undergraduates or graduates is rigorous and requires tenacity and preparation. JobTestPrep's various packages, pointers and guides steer you on the right path for successfully completing each stage of the recruitment process. JobTestPrep PrepPacks™are designed to offer a practical set of tools to guide and prepare you for job recruitment one step at a time. 

JobTestPrep is not a part of Danone or SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.