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Prepare for Schaeffler with JobTestPrep

Hearing that part of the recruitment process shall be comprised of evaluation tests can be pretty stressful, since there is only a vague sense of what’s to come. Knowing this, JobTestPrep has thoughtfully put together both the closest possible tests to those most popular and trusted by companies worldwide, alongside nonstop investigation of every company’s evaluation process. Considering the Schaeffler interview is no less essential to your success and too requires the acquirement of very specific skills – we have constructed the ultimate guide to handling yourself in different types of interview situations, with self-assessment tools provided.


Take the Steps You Need to Pass Your Schaeffler Assessment Test

Preparing for your Schaeffler assessments and interview is the greatest precursor for your success. Sign up with JobTestPrep today and gain access to our exclusive practice assessments and interview preparation materials.


Schaeffler Interview Stage

The Schaeffler interview process will usually have several steps, including a phone interview and two face to face interviews : first with a professional hiring manager, and then with HR. The higher the position, the more rounds of interviews you will need to go through, including with VPs and even CEOs. Note that during the final interview you have to present a report or personal project.

Schaeffler Assessment Centre Objective

Assessment centres offer a more precise means of evaluating prospective employees than tests and interviews. Tasks that job candidates are required to perform during their assessment day include a short presentation, participating in group’s discussions and in-tray exercises, acting out different scenarios, and role playing. Employers believe that only through so many activities can an applicant’s personality and professionalism shine through. Key personality traits that are measured during the event are adaptability, analytical thinking, creativity, leadership, and time management, among others. While job candidates are involved in these activities, they are being scrutinized by assessors who give them points summed up by the end of the assessment day. Only those candidates who receive the highest scores are invited for the final interview, where they may be given a job offer.

How Is the Schaeffler Verbal Test Scored?

You will not receive a raw score on you Verbal Reasoning Test; that is, your results will not be calculated according to the number of questions you answer correctly on the exam. Your score on the Verbal Reasoning Test is calculated relatively to the scores of other applicants. Such a method of calculation allows employers to choose the best candidates competing for an advertised position. Candidates, however, may be put in a disadvantageous position by this method of scoring. Even those applicants who do well on the Verbal Reasoning Test may be winnowed out, if the majority of their competitors do better than them. A such objectively high percent of right answers as, say, 92 may disqualify you for the position, if most of your competitors get 94% of questions right. With such comparative method of evaluation, it is highly advisable to come to the Verbal Reasoning Test well prepared. Practice with our thoughtfully compiled resources and shoot ahead of other applicants.

How Can I Improve My Schaeffler Numerical Reasoning Test Scores?

Often times the Schaeffler numerical assessments will cover concepts and material you may not have used for many years. Even if you are feeling confident in taking your Schaeffler numerical assessments, it is advisable for you to practise in order to improve on your analytical and numerical comprehension skills prior to taking the test.

Is Body Language Important During the Schaeffler Interview?

There is no doubt that body language is crucial during an interview, it shows how assertive, introverted or smug of an individual you are. The hiring manager will try to get the best of you, to see your true character. After the 20 minute point, many people start to become comfortable and let their guard down. So, remember the JobTestPrep training and don’t forget to dress to impress.

What Methods are Used by Schaeffler to Base its Hiring Decision?

A CV and Interview only tell a hiring manager part of the story, companies also want to see you perform in real-time. With a wide range of simulations like finding innovative solutions to immediate office issues or building an effective excel list, your future employer will get a better understanding of what you are capable of.

What Questions Are Posed on the Schaeffler Phone Interview?

On the phone interview, you will mostly talk about your education, work experience, and career goals. An interviewer may tell you about the Schaeffler, its business structure, and mission. You may also discuss your future role in the Schaeffler and benefits you will get, if you become employed.

What Can I Expect During Schaeffler Assessment Day?

In addition to taking tests and personality assessments, you may also have a couple of preliminary interviews throughout the day as you hit various milestones. Moreover, you may be asked to prepare a short presentation on a predesignated subject, as well as taking part in group discussions, case studies and role play.


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