Get the Inside Scoop on the FEAST Test and Advance Your Career

Air traffic controller (ATC) organisations across Europe, including NATS (United Kingdom), incorporate the FEAST (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) into their hiring processes. Ensuring that you score a minimum of 70% is critical because failure to do so will mean automatic disqualification. JobTestPrep will fully ready you for every segment of the test, including the cognitive, comprehension, personality, and multitasking. With our FEAST PrepPack™, you will be ready to score high.


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FEAST Overview

Here is a brief overview of the FEAST Test so that you can get a feel for the real.

Please note that the four test segments are scored independently, and failure to pass the minimum threshold for each will mean expulsion from the exam. Thus, preparation for every section is crucial.

A Closer Look into Each FEAST Section

FEAST 1 Cognitive Abilities and English Tests:

FEAST 1 Cognitive Abilities and English Tests: This section will examine both your cognitive ability, listening comprehension, and broad knowledge of the English language. The 2.5-hour exam will home in on five key related areas, including: Visual perception, fine detail, spatial orientation, logical reasoning, and multitasking.

The passing score on this round is 70%.

FEAST 2 FEAST DART Test and FEAST Multi ControlTest


The next test is much longer, so be ready to sit for up to 4 hours. Please note that both the Dynamic ATC Radar Test (DART) and FEAST Multi Control Test are not easy specifically because they require no specialised knowledge. The test taker must pay careful attention to the tests detailed instructions to make sure that every aspect of the work samples is clear.

Here are a few words on each test:

Dynamic Radar Test this test checks your ability to safely and accurately guide aeroplanes through controlled airspace.

Multi Control Aside from guiding planes through controlled airspaces, you will also have to safely and quickly resolve conflicts in entire control sectors before they occur.

FEAST 3 - FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ):

From personality to behavioural traits, this test section only takes 35-40 minutes and uses an answer scale of 1-5 (most agreeable to less agreeable.) Questions will include phrases and scenarios that read like a personality questionnaire.

FEAST 4 Medical Examination:

The last stage is the medical exam, the only part of FEAST that you cannot prepare for. The medical review is conducted according to national regulations.

Which Positions demand the FEAST Test?

There are several positions that necessitate taking the FEAST test as part of the hiring process.

Area Controllers (IFR) This job will require fantastic attention to detail and some serious multitasking, as you will be tasked in ensuring the safety of multiple planes across various routes.

Tower Controllers (VFR) Usually, those in this position need to be capable of exceptional teamwork, especially in the bigger airports. Make sure that taxiways work like clockwork and that the airspace around the airport is safe for takeoff and landing.

Flight Service Specialists (AAS) If you choose this position, you will be in close contact with the pilots, keeping them updated with a wide range of information needed to keep crew and flyers safe.

Flight Service Specialists (FIC) While the primary job is to keep track of the weather, the job can become much more intense in the case of a rescue effort.