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If you want to get a job as a bus driver at First Bus, you need to give yourself the right practice and preparation for the recruitment process.

This article has given you helpful advice and the preparation resources you need to practise. Start preparing with our product.

First Bus Application Form

The application for First Bus is very simple and can be filled out online. The application asks for your personal details (name, address, phone number) and about where you have worked before.

If there are any gaps in your work history, be prepared to explain them. You also need to tell First Bus about your education. Once you have completed the application, you can submit it to First Bus to be reviewed.

First Bus SJT

The First Group SJT, or situational judgement test, gives a good picture of your potential fit within the company.

The test consists of 18 questions which present different situations that could arise while working, such as dealing with angry customers, delays in service or working with others to solve a problem. You are given 3-4 different options of how to respond and must choose how you are most likely to act.

The best way to find out how to answer these questions is by studying with situational judgement tests before your real test. You can find practice tests here.


First Bus Telephone Interview

If you come through the SJT successfully, your next step is the telephone interview. First Bus will contact you to set up a time, so make sure you are in a calm, quiet place during the interview to help you focus. Keep a copy of your CV with you to check it during the interview.

During the interview, the questions focus on your understanding of the applied job, what your responsibilities will be and what you know about First Bus.

It is a good idea to do a little research on the company and write down some notes before your interview. Some of the questions are about your previous experience, so make sure to use examples when answering. 

First Bus Assessment Day

The First Bus assessment day is the final challenge in the recruitment process. On this day, you can expect a highway code test, a maths and English test, a scenario test, a driving test and an interview.

Below we go through these tests and how you can prepare for them before the day, in order to make sure you do well.

Highway Code Test

As driving is a major part of the job, First Bus wants to make sure you are aware of all of the highway rules. During this test, you are given 10 traffic signs and must identify them. Make sure to review the signs beforehand.

Numeracy Test

When working as a bus driver, there are situations which involve simple maths skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The First Bus numeracy test gives you a word problem, for example, “If a customer gives me £3 for a ticket which costs £2.65, how much change should I give them?” and you need to work out the answer. Brush up on your math skills with our numerical comprehension tests to prepare.

Verbal Test

The First Bus verbal test checks how well you understand written information. You are given a short text to read through and then questions about the text to answer.

The questions are all multiple choice. You can review tests like these with our verbal comprehension tests to practise for the assessment day.

Customer Service Scenarios

The customer service scenarios are similar to the situational judgement tests you took earlier. The questions ask about how you would respond to certain situations that could arise while working, such as rowdy passengers or an emergency. While you have already done this style test before, the practice SJTs can help you refresh your skills.


The interview is the final stage of the assessment day and is your chance to have a face-to-face conversation with a member of the First Bus recruitment team.

The First Bus interview questions are based on your competencies, meaning they want you to give examples of when you have shown specific skills such as leadership, teamwork and good communication.

Before the interview, think of some examples of times you have been proud of yourself at work and what skills you used in that situation. Use the STAR method to help you form your answers. If you are feeling like your interview skills could use a boost, use our interview preparation practice.

About First Bus

In order to become a driver for First Bus, you need to pass through their recruitment process. The process is designed to find responsible, safe drivers for their buses; to do this, First Bus uses tests, interviews and assessments. Taking practice tests and drills is the best way of making sure that you pass these stages of the process. Read about the recruitment process and prepare with our tools.


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