Practice Right and Pass Your Queensland Rail Psychometric Test

Many candidates applying to QueenslandRail find themselves worried and cncerned by the required psychometric test. The information given by QR is intentionally vague, and probably leaves you wondering what to do and how to prepare.

By understanding the task ahead and practising the right way, you can dramatically reduce uncertainty and anxiety, and get a higher score.

So, let's tackle the QueenslandRail recruitment process and psychometric testing.

Queensland Rail Tests
  • 5 Matrices Abstract Reasoning Tests
  • 3 Next in Series Deductive Reasoning Tests
  • 3 Operators Logical Reasoning Test
  • 2 Reading Comprehension Tests
  • 2 Video Tutorials and Study Guides

Note: The Queensland Rail PrepPack offers preparation only for the first stage of the assessment process.


This PrepPack™ includes Revelian-style verbal, cognitive, abstract and numerical tests.

Get Onboard for the Queensland Rail Recruitment Process

Queensland Rail (QR) is a vertically integrated rail transport company, encompassing passenger rail services; ownership of over 6,500km of track under the possession of their parent organization, the Government of Queensland. Applicants can find the Queensland Rail vacancies online and register for a position contributing to their economic, social and regional development.

The various phases which take place during the Queensland Rail employment process are:

  • Online Application: The Queensland Rail recruitment has recently been made available to external applicants with no prior QR experience. The application process may be done online by submitting the application form and your CV.
  • Telephone Interview: The initial phone screening conversation will be conducted with an HR employee and will briefly cover your past work experience, career interest and background knowledge.
  • In-Person Interview: The interview process consists of several stages, such as a one-on-one meeting, a panel session and an assessment centre day. The panel stage may be conducted by a manager, potential co-workers and an HR specialist. Each assessment day contains one or more group exercises, such as a case study, strategical tasks, group discussions and role-playing activities.
  • Tests: Aptitude tests may be performed as online assessments, or be done in-person as a written test. These entrance exams assess cognitive abilities, personality traits and compatibility for the available position.

Queensland Rail Psychometric Test

As psychometric tests, the aptitude pre-employment exams are distributed to assess candidates’ fit for the various jobs being applied for. The Situational Judgement Test portrays representative circumstances and conflicts, which may arise in a workplace, to evaluate candidates’ behavioural competencies, based on their responses. The Personality test is used by employers to assess behavioural attributes, strengths and weaknesses, characteristics and work-related skills. The numerical, verbal and logical reasoning aptitude tests examine the ability to make accurate decisions, based on numerical data, logical information processing skills and the ability to fully comprehend written passages.


Upon ordering this product, you gain access to a rich arsenal of efficient practice tests and other materials. Start practising now, so you would be prepared and confident for your assessments, interviews and all of the other tasks required by Queensland Rail.

Queensland Rail Interview Questions

Part of the Queensland Rail training procedure involves preparing for the interview. The behavioural interview questions are competency-based, which rely on the assumption that past scenarios related to the workplace give evidence of whether candidates are the right for the career in question. Sample QR interview questions are as follows:

  • Why are you interested in this position?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Describe a scenario where you saw a risk and provided a safety action to counter that risk.
  • Name a time in which you had a difficult situation and how you resolved it.

If you are hired for a full-time career, or the Queensland Rail graduate programme, you may have to go through certain physical evaluations for psychological health, sleep patterns and substance use tests.