Emirates Assessment Day, Test, and Interview Preparation

Do you want to have a career at Emirates and have to take the Emirates psychometric tests and attend the assessment days? The assessments are a real challenge if you lack the right preparation.

Get ready for the Emirates interview and aptitude test questions, AND Start practising today!

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Emirates Test and Assessment Day

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Insider Information from One of Our Customers

'Prepare well. Keep specific examples of your achievements at work and be ready to describe your role in them. Practice for the psychometric tests before you come.I completed also a role play of a real life work crisis scenario.'


Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Process

The Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Process begins with an online application and an Emirates online video interview. Your answers to the Emirates video interview questions are recorded and screened by computer software. Candidates who will be chosen to move forward will be asked to take a part in an assessment day. During the assessment day, you will be facing multiple Emirates tests for cabin crew positions. The Emirates aptitude tests questions vary from questions that are designed to test your knowledge and questions that are designed to test you and your personality. There are several types of tests that the company use during the assessment day. The tests you may be presented with are:  

  • Role Play
  • Presentation Exercise
  • Group Exercises
  • Psychometric tests
  • Verbal and numerical tests – including the Emirates English test.

Emirates English Test

Before moving on to the final interview you will need to undergo the English test. Fluency in English is one of the minimum requirement for the Emirates cabin crew position, and therefore it is of paramount importance. Simply put, it`s a “pass or fail” part of the Emirates tests for cabin crew positions.    

Emirates Final Interview

As a part of the Emirates interview process, you will be asked to undergo a face-to-face interview either at the end of the assessment day or on a mutually agreed later day. This interview is a competency-based interview in which you are expected to prove you possess the required skills and qualities for the position, using examples from your previous experience and work history.

Emirates Online Personality Test

You may be asked to take an online personality test. This is a 15-minutes test and it is designed to help in the choosing of the candidates who are the most suitable for the Emirates company.

The most successful candidates will continue to the central HR approval. If the central recruitment team approve your selection the next and final stage will be to submit a medical report from your doctor.


For more details about the Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Process, please click on the link below:

How to Join the Emirates Airline Cabin Crew?

Emirates Customer Service Representative Recruitment Process

The Emirates high standards are noticeable also in the company’s CSR recruitment process. If you are interested in a job as a CSR in the airline company, the assessments that you may need to undergo are:

  1. Case study
  2. Presentation of the case study outcome
  3. Psychometric and personality tests
  4. Interview

Emirates CSR Interview

During the interview, you will be asked questions about your personality, knowledge and skills. You will need to provide specific examples of your experience to prove your abilities. Below you may find a list of questions you might be asked during the interview, each followed by a JobTestPrep's recommended answer.

Emirates CSR Interview Questions

  1. Q: What was your motivation to apply for the job?
    A: My motivation for the position stems from my desire to integrate into a leading company in the role of customer service. I have experience in this field, and I would like to develop and contribute in this area.
  2. Q: Can you provide a specific example where you had to go against your Line Manager's decision?
    A: For example, the manager asked the customer service team to shorten the time of customer calls. In my opinion, limiting the duration of the call, as the manager demanded, might have harmed the level of service. The intention is not to waste time talking with customers, but in my opinion, it is not correct to categorically restrict the time. I expressed my concerns about the damage that might be caused by the level of service, and to my great joy, I persuaded my boss to remove the restriction.
  3. Q: Can you provide a specific example where you provided exceptional service to a customer?
    A: A major client of the company in which I worked was hurt by the attitude of one of the employees and decided to stop the service at the company. I promised to compensate him for the poor service he received, promised to handle every future complaint, and offered myself as a personal service representative for the client. Eventually, the client's connection with our company strengthened. This is an achievement that I am proud of.
  4. Q: Can you provide a specific example where you took a decision and later regretted it?
    A: One of the company’s clients had payment problems. After several inquiries in which I tried unsuccessfully to convince the client to arrange debt, I decided to stop giving the customer service. In retrospect, perhaps I should have been a little more patient.
  5. Q: Can you provide a specific example where you came up with an idea and how did you implement it?
    A: I submitted a proposal to management to introduce new customer management software. The proposal stemmed from my research on the subject and the recognition that the new software I discovered would improve the level of customer service. After the approval of the budget, I led all the development stages. I made sure that the solution suited the needs of the various departments in the company and I managed to finish the project on a shortened schedule.

Emirates Pilot Recruitment Process

The Emirates pilot recruitment process is a multi-step hiring process comprised of interviews, assessment tests, group exercises, and more. Learn about the process below with JobTestPrep's detailed information and start practising with our resources to ensure your success.

Emirates Application

If you apply online, you will receive an immediate response acknowledging your Emirates application submission. After this, your application will be reviewed. If you meet the initial criteria (professional background, experience, and suitability), you will be contacted and asked to start the assessment process. 

If you are put on the waiting list, be sure to consistently update your application (in 3– 6-month intervals) to ensure your information is up-to-date.

Emirates Video Interview

On your application journey, you may face an Emirates pre-recorded video interview. Emirates will email an invitation with a link to the Emirates video interview in which you will be asked to complete the three Emirates airline interview questions. You are able to complete these questions at your convenience but remember that every delay will only set your potential Emirates hiring date back further. Be sure to ace your video interview by practising with this PrepPacks™ interview resources.

Emirates Interview Questions and Answers

In the Emirates online interview, you will be faced a series of three questions followed by 30 seconds preparation time. You will be given one minute to answer each one of the Emirate digital interview questions and will have the opportunity to take as long as you need breaks between questions. The three Emirates video interview questions will usually fall into one of five broad categories - Introducing Yourself, Your Personality, Expectations of Living in Dubai, questions involving your knowledge and expectation of the position you applied for, and questions about your relevant experience regarding the position. It is recommended to start your Emirates interview preparation by getting to know the Emirates company, life in Dubai and the requirements for the position you desire. With the help of our Interview PrepPack, you can learn how to answer even the most challenging questions.

Emirates Interview Questions

You can expect to be asked to describe a difficult situation or person you have encountered in your work life. Questions will tackle improvements that you think you have done at work and why you should be hired. 


Passing Emirates Tests Is within Your Reach

It is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for a job position. Companies are weeding unfitting job candidates out with meticulous care. Coming to your pre-employment assessment being unprepared leads to failure. Lest you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on your test, prepare for it with JobTestPrep’s resources. Purchase our materials and be welcomed on board of the company of your choice.

Emirates Ability Assessment & Advanced Compass Assessment

If you pass the video interview, you will receive an email with an invitation to sit the Ability Assessment. Once you complete and pass the Ability Assessment, you will be sent another email asking you to complete the Advanced Compass Assessment.

The Ability Assessment consists of logical reasoning questions that require you to identify rules and draw logical conclusions based on a series of shapes and symbols. Typically, the test presents you with a sequence of shapes and then asks you to pick the next shape to fit the sequence. 

The Advanced Compass assessment covers math, verbal reasoning, physics, multi-tasking, short-term memory, spatial awareness, flight control, and pilot licensing questions. The assessment is administered by Airways Aviation, a partner of Emirates. 

This test requires you to schedule your test time at a local Compass Testing location. However, if there is no convenient location for you, you may contact the Emirates recruitment team to let them know. There is a chance you could be invited to Dubai for the full assessment process.

Emirates Assessment Days - Day One

The first day of the assessment centre consists of:

  • Welcoming brief (this outlines the Dubai schedule, an HR brief, and information about Emirates)
  • Assessment centre exercises 

The Emirates group exercise is one of the exercises you may encounter.

During this exercise, the candidates are split up into groups and given a scenario to work out together. 

A common scenario is where you are stranded on a desert island with a few objects and have to decide which object/s to discard. The key to this exercise is creating a balance between your teamwork and leadership skills. Make sure your voice is heard but that you don’t overdo it or exclude others from the discussion.

  • Simulator brief and assessment
  • Compassing test – only if needed

You will be notified at the end of the first day if you were successful or not. If so, you will move on to the second day.

Emirates Assessment Days - Day Two & Three

Following successful testing, you will be invited to days two and three of the Emirates assessment centre in Dubai. The assessment centre consists of the following:

Emirates Psychometric Test

If you are selected to continue, you may be asked to complete psychometric tests. Listed below are the exams you may encounter.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning tests require you to understand the logic behind shape sequences, in addition to assessing your spatial orientation or spatial reasoning abilities. It's important to note that there are many types and names given to these tests, such as abstract, inductive, and diagrammatic reasoning.

Emirates Personality Test

Personality tests are used to examine key areas of your personality in order to determine how well you fit the position. Although this test is solely based on your own personality, it is still possible and important to prepare. Learn how to understand the questions being asked and to give answers that correctly reflect your personality with our practise personality tests.

Emirates Pilot Interview questions

One of the steps of the Emirates pilot recruitment process is the panel interview, that is conducted as a part of the Emirates assessment days. The Emirates pilot interview questions are both competency-based and pilot/flight questions. You can prepare for the Emirates airline interview question with the help of our costume PrepPacks™.

Emirates Medical Exams

Interviews are followed by two medical exams. The GCAA medical exam is conducted on the second day, whilst the Emirates medical exam is conducted on the third day.

About Emirates Airline

Emirates is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is based in Dubai and is consistently reaching the top spots in the worldwide airline ranking lists. The company sets high standards of quality in the comfort and service it provides to its customers. The Emirates airline is a subsidiary to the Emirates Group, the airline is also related to Dnata which is another airline subsidiary to the Emirates Group. The Emirates airline has four subsidiaries of its own as described in the following table:

Emirates Subsidiaries
Arabian AdventuresCongress Solutions International
Emirates HolidaysEmirates Tours

Emirates Graduate Scheme

Emirates offers graduate positions in a range of professions, attracting a large number of applicants for each position. The recruitment process is challenging, with the assessment centre particularly so. The key to success in this process is to prepare for each stage thoroughly. JobTestPrep's preparation resources include practice tests, detailed answer explanations, and helpful score reports. Start practising today to ensure your success and obtain the job you're after.