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About Continental AG Assessment Test PrepPacks™

The Continental AG assessment does not have to be an obstruction on your road to obtaining your dream job. JobTestPrep can shape your way to success with our detailed Continental AG preparation materials.


"The Personality PrepPack was very helpful and similar to the actual assessment test. Thanks JobTestPrep"

Charles B., candidate at Continental AG

Continental AG Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests target on drawing logical conclusions from verbal means. These tests automatically assumes you have an understanding of the meanings of the words and phrases used in the passage.

Continental AG Situational Judgement Tests

Continental AG Situational Judgement Test (SJT) demonstrates real-life scenarios so as to find out how you would control negative situations you might possibly come across in your workplace. Although the layout of the test can alter depending on the test provider, you will typically read a description of a case followed by multiple choice questions. You are asked to select the least and most likely course of action out of these options. This test provides your potential employer with the information to decide if you suit the organisation's work environment.

Continental AG Personality Tests

As you begin preparation for your Continental AG personality test, take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • Is the company suitable for you?
  • Is the position suitable for you?
  • Is this a position you truly want?

The personality test will provide your prospective employer with understanding how you work in groups, comply with rules, cope with stress and pressure, as well as your capacity to find solutions to problems and lead others in an effective manner. There is no right or wrong answer, nevertheless your answers will indicate your levels of appropriateness for the position.


Propel Your Career With our Practice Continental AG Assessment Tests

Succeeding on pre-employment assessment is not an easy feat. Tests that the companies offer to their candidates are challenging, and so are their interviews. It is, therefore, necessary to come to your assessment well-prepared. JobTestPrep can considerably assist you in the preparation for your forthcoming tests and interviews. Purchase our thoughtfully designed practice materials and become your recruiters first choice for the advertised position.


Continental AG Interview Process

Dressing smartly for your interview is important, however, it is only one part of successfully being recruited for the job you have applied for. Employers are looking for applicants who can answer their questions both confidently and effectively. Prior preparation is key to exhibiting these qualities while you are being interviewed. Our interview PrepPack™ goes over hundreds of potential interview questions and allows you to pinpoint bad interview habits. Begin practicing today to ensure your success!

Continental AG Assessment Centre Preparation

Executives have come to the decision that applicants’ personality and professionalism can not be properly assessed based on written tests. Events at such assessment centres are of various time frames, ranging from half a day to two days. With many potential employees invited to pre-employment events, job candidates for a position are usually grouped with their direct competition and evaluated against each other. There are a few eliminations during the event so not all job candidates arrive to the final stage of the assessment  centre concerning an interview with a higher management of the company. Only applicants who decisively demonstrated adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness, and leadership are usually pursued for the final interview that often ends in a job offer.

How Are Continental AG Tests Scored?

Continental AG aptitude tests are used to gauge your skills in areas for the position you are applying. These tests are commonly scored based on the number of correctly answered questions. This score is then compared with the other applicants scores.

What Is Continental AG Looking for in the Results of My Numerical Test?

Pre-hire math tests helps evaluate and assess your skills and efficiency when asked to analyse numerical information. These tests will give bring to light your ability to use data to solve business-related problems.

What Questions Do the Continental AG's Representatives Ask In a Phone Interview?

After uploading your CV and cover letter onto the Continental AG website, you will have a phone call from the Human Resources department to ask you mostly about your education, working experience, and career goals. You could possibly also discuss the company’s business objectives, your future duties, and benefits you will be given if you qualify for the organisation. If your phone interview goes well, you will receive a link to the online test that you need to pass in order to move to the next stage in the hiring process.

How Long Will the Continental AG Recruitment Process Take?

The Continental AG recruitment process can take a few weeks. The evaluation process commonly involves an initial phone interview, as well as an assessment centre where you will be met with group exercises, aptitude tests, and a face-to-face interview. AFter completing all of these steps, the company will reach out to you to inform you on whether or not you will be given an offer.


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