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The Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries’ Hiring Process

  • CV Screening: Once you have completed the application process from the SAEI careers page online, your application and documentation will go through a screening process.
  • Initial Interview: If you are deemed to be a match for the vacancy in the company you will either be invited for a phone or Skype interview.
  • Online Assessments: Prior to any in-person interviews, SAEI will often have applicants complete one or more pre-hire exams. These tests will be used to evaluate certain skill not easily assessed through your CV and interviews alone.
  • Assessment Centre: An assessment centre may be required depending on the role you have applied for. During an assessment centre you will meet with other candidates who you will need to participate in a variety of group activities with. An assessment centre may include additional testing and interviews.
  • Final Interviews: Final interviews are often held in person and usually in a panel format, depending on the role.

Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries’ Hogan Tests

Each section of the Hogan assessment test was designed to evaluate a different aspect of your personality. JobTestPrep’s Hogan-style personality test is very similar to the original test and will prepare you for the Hogan Personality Inventory, the Hogan Development Survey, and part of the Hogan Motives, Values, and Preferences Inventory.

Prior preparation for your pre-hire exam will give you a great advantage over other SAEI applicants. Start practicing today with JobTestPrep to pass your entrance exam and land the job you want.



Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries' Interview Process

During the SAEI interview process, you will be asked many questions regarding your previous work experience, as well as behavioural and technical questions. JobTestPrep’s interview PrepPack™ will give you pointers on how to answer hundreds of the most popular interview questions, as well as advice regarding how to conduct yourself during each type of interview.

Below you will find some examples of questions that you may be asked during the Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries interview process:


  • Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker? How did you handle the situation?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years with the company?
  • How will your previous experience help you to perform this role?


Behavioural questions should be answered using the STAR interview method.


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