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About JobTestPrep’s NHZ Matrigma Packs

Make sure you beat the competition with JobTestPrep's preparation packs before starting the NHZ hiring process. Our comprehensive range of packs offers you the knowledge and confidence you need to excel at the application, test and interview process regardless the position you are going for.


'Definitely helped me out and understand that it isn't the Maths but how you interpret the question which is important. The NHZ PrepPack was very thorough. Without it I would have achieved a lower score on my Matrigma tests.'

Racheal K., candidate for Manager position at NHZ


  • 72% of JobTestPrep's NHZ candidates prepare with our Matrigma-style tests
  • 64% of our clients entering NHZ hiring process take advantage of our assessment centre preparation

NHZ Matrigma-Style Tests

In the Matrigma test, you will encounter an incomplete 3x3 matrix of shapes. You should select the missing figure from a series of six possible alternatives under 40 minutes. The symbols do not have any meaning, but all matrices follow a logical sequence, either across column, rows, or both. The correct alternative is the one that responds with the logic of the matrix. The questions become gradually more difficult as you progress in the test.


Propel your career with our practice NHZ Matrigma-Style Assessment Tests

Regardless of the type of the position or the company you have applied for, JobTestPrep has a customizable PrepPack™ to suit your needs. Begin preparing for your recruitment process today!


NHZ Interview Process

As part of NHZ’s recruitmen process, you will attend one or more interviews. It is common to have an initial phone interview which serves the recruiter or HR manager to clarify your past experience. This is also your chance to stress your relevance to the position by referring to your CV. You should be comofortable to participate in further phone, video, and face-to-face interviews. As interviews are your opportunity to impress your recruiter preparation can make a real difference. It also allows you to enter the interview with confidence as you are prepared to offer clear answers and implies that you are a serious applicant. JobTestPrep created the PrepPack™ you need to impress NHZ’s interviewer.

NHZ Assessment Centre

Companies incorporate assessment cetnres to weed out wrong candidates by assessing candidates with such tasks and activities as group discussions, presentations, social events, role-playing, case studies, and psychometric and various written tests. Prospective employees are invited to demonstrate their professional aptitude individually and in groups. The length of such pre-employment events at assessment centres varies from several hours to a couple of days. While performing different activities, job applicants are expected to show such traits as adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness, creativity, leadership, and good time management. At every stage of the assessment process there is a strict elimination, so not every job candidate reaches the final interview with high managers that, if they are favourably impressed, may bring an offer to become an employee in their organization.

JobTestPrep Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

How Are NHZ Tests Scored?

NHZ aptitude tests measure your skills in key areas for the position you are applying. These assessments are generally scored based on the number of questions you did correctly. This result is then compared to other applicants against the average benchmark score.

What Is NHZ Looking for in the Results of My Numerical Test?

Pre-hire math tests assist your employer in evaluatin and assessing your ability to effectively and efficiently interpret numerical data. These tests will offer insight on your ability to utilise data to solve business-related problems.

How Can I Prepare for Matrigma Tests?

The key to pass Matrigma Tests is to practise. Still, there are other factors that can boost and quicken your preparation process. For this reason, JobTestPrep designed a concise preparation pack that consist of not only Matrigma-Style Tests but also practice tips, solving strategies, and further tools created by our specialist to gear you up for the assessment. Start practising today with JobTestPrep.


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