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Preparing for The Hiring Process at Japan Post Holdings

The hiring process takes 5 weeks, during which you will be asked to show your technical and your people skills. To assess your skills, Japan Post Holdings will require you to take certain tests and participate in several interviews. If you look closely at the requirements on their job applications, apart from very specific skills, there are general skills that are required from everybody. These skills include:

  • Ability to follow directions of Supervisory staff
  • Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills


Japan Post Holdings Interview Expectations

To some, the interview process at Japan Post Holdings may prove long and difficult, while to others it may prove easy and short. The reason for this is that different job positions require different skills, and to test these skills, interviewers implement different techniques which include:

  • A phone interview. A phone interview is an initial screening method used by employers. Sometimes there is more than one interview. The purpose is to appraise whether it is worth to invite you to a face-to-face interview. During the phone interview, you will be asked questions about your resume, the desired salary, availability, some basic behavioural questions and very basic questions about your skills. This type of interview usually lasts about 30 minutes.
  • A video interview. Two types of video interviews exist, a live one and a pre-recorded one. A live video interview is usually conducted via Skype and is similar to an initial face-to-face interview. This type of interview can be as long as one hour. In a pre-recorded video interview, candidates will have to answer given questions, record the answers on video and send them to the interviewer. employers usually send a link to a specific platform where this can be done.
  • Several levels of face-to-face interviews. If the initial phone interview is successful, you will be invited by Japan Post Holdings to participate in one or more face-to-face (in-person) interviews with a member of the management team, a mix of managers, HR representatives, and potential co-workers.
  • A panel interview. A panel interview is a formal job interview arrangement where, instead of one hiring manager asking questions, there are several people simultaneously interviewing a job candidate.


Preparing for Japan Post Holdings' Tests

During the hiring process at Japan Post Holdings, you will come across several tests with a varying degree of complexity and they will include the following:

  • A numerical reasoning test. A numerical reasoning teste generally refers to tests in which more than just basic arithmetic is involved. There are four major topics covered on these tests – word problems, number series, tables and graphs and sufficiency questions.
  • An abstract reasoning test. An abstract reasoning, or figural reasoning, test is used to assess the candidate’s ability to critically evaluate the problem. In these questions, you will be given a pair of shapes which introduce a certain relationship. You must then choose the missing shape that would complete the new pair of shapes that display the same relationship.
  • A Microsoft Word test. The Microsoft Word test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft Office Word software at various levels. It can be formatted as a multiple-choice test or an interactive test.
  • A Microsoft Excel test. This test requires a candidate to master the different features of the software. Most of the questions will deal with formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting and document properties.



Common Interview Questions

There are a number of common interview questions which all candidates will have to answer during their interview process which include:

  • How do you handle workplace conflict?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What do you expect from a supervisor?


Japan Post Holdings is one of the leading government companies in the postal, logistics and financial sectors. To work there could be immensely beneficial for you. The competition for a job at Japan Post Holdings is extremely high, however, and the hiring process is not easy. Make sure you succeed in getting a job at Japan Post Holdings with the help of JobTestPrep and our PrepPacks™. We offer lots of useful study guides, interview tips and more. Start preparing for those pesky tests!

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