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HH Global Hire Process Prep Guide

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Tips for HH Global Hiring Process

To get that job you always wanted here a few Interview Questions and Answers, which will help start down the right path.

  • Why Should We Hire You? In your answer, you should give a short review of the interviews main talking points and then explain (point for point) why you are you are more than qualified, including your skill-set and pats work experiences.
  • Why Are You Leaving Your Company? Many fall into the trap of criticising their former employer or the conditions under which they worked. Don’t just say you are looking for greater opportunity, but make the HH Global feel that they are luring you away. Know the job description like the back of your hand to give great reasons. FYI you should add that you had a great working relationship with your previous employer.
  • Do You Have Weaknesses? Of course, you do, but don’t we all? It is important how you frame your answer. Say you had difficulty in multi-tasking or the use of Microsoft Excel. So you want to state how you overcame that deficiency, perhaps via a course you took or online self-help. In any regard, this is your chance to show them that you are a self-starter and you have what it takes to change and adapt.


HH Global Online Testing

Here are a couple of Saville-test segments you should prepare for well before.

Saville Error Checking

Error and data checking tests assess the ability to identify errors in a given set of data. Common questions present a string of either numerical, alphabetical, or alpha-numerical characters, and then ask to check if a given new string matches the original one. These tests are usually taken under strictly timed conditions, which adds up to the pressure of taking a test. Therefore, it is very important to understand how the tests work, what they look like, and how to answer them quickly. With proper training, you will be able to succeed and perform at a much higher level.

Abstract Reasoning

In this section of the test, there are 10 questions to answer in four minutes. The questions are of a figural series nature. You are presented with a series of five figures, and you must find the correct answer that completes the series. The frames advance from left to right in a certain way. You must try to predict the next shape in the sequence from the options listed.


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