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'Follow the instruction and listen to what they are asking before you do the ex-ray if they say three specific items colour blue then that’s what it is. Not an item that has the shape of a gun etc The colour is important.'



About Garda Aptitude Tests

Competition is high for places with An Garda Siochana, and as a result, the recruitment process is challenging, testing you on a complete set of skills needed to work on a police force. The tests you will experience throughout the Garda recruitment process will test your skills against the required skills for a Garda trainee. Only the applicants who have performed the best at each stage will progress to the next stage.

The Garda police recruitment process contains many tests, some of which you may not be tested on. You will receive more information about each test as you progress through the recruitment process. Recruitment tests include:

Stage 1 - Assessment Questionnaire

Once you have submitted your application form the first stage of the recruitment process is the assessment questionnaires and tests. There are two parts to this stage, the online assessment which is designed to gain information about you, your experience, interests and achievements; and a set of assessment tests. Applications will be ranked according to your responses to both the assessment and the tests.

The self-assessment questionnaire asks you to rate your abilities against criteria such as your familiarity with IT, how you will enforce legislation you don't agree with, tackle someone who is resisting arrest and many more, all of which are key parts of life in the An Garda Siochana. This questionnaire will take you approximately an hour to complete. There is a lot riding on the form, so think carefully about each answer.

Cut-e (Aon) Aptitude Tests

The assessment tests you are likely to experience are verbal and abstract reasoning tests. Passing these tests is crucial to moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process. You will take these tests in unsupervised conditions, but you may be asked to take the tests again later on down the process to verify your results the first time around. These tests are provided by Cut-e (Aon).

Garda Abstract Reasoning Test

This is a quick moving test, asking you to answer 20 questions in just five minutes. In this test also called a Discovering Rules test, you are required to identify the patterns in a sequence of shapes in order to pick out the next shape, or a missing shape from the sequence. The time limit in this test is extremely challenging, and you must get a good score in the test in order to move to the next stage, so practice is vital. As an added complication, Cut-e (Aon) tests are negatively marked, so it is not a good idea to guess the answer, you have to learn the tricks to identify the correct answers. To learn more about the Cut-e (Aon) Discovering Rules test, and to take practice questions, see our Cut-e (Aon) style abstract reasoning page on the JobTestPrep website.

Garda Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test examines your ability to understand written information and use it to answer questions. The verbal reasoning test contains 49 questions to answer in 12 minutes. You are given several short passages at the same time and asked questions on them. Each question is a statement that you need to determine whether it is true, false or you cannot say based on the information contained in the passage. Cut-e (Aon) tests are negatively marked meaning that you lose marks for incorrect answers, so you need to prepare so that you can be reasonably confident you have answered each question correctly. You need to be able to analyse multiple pieces of information all in an extremely tight timeframe, making preparation crucial in order to pass through to the next stage. Find out more about the Cut-e (Aon) verbal reasoning tests and take practice questions with JobTestPrep.

Stage 2 - CEB’s SHL Aptitude Tests

If you have achieved good enough scores in stage 1, you will be invited to sit a second set of aptitude tests in stage 2. The tests are once again a verbal reasoning test and an inductive/ logical reasoning test, but this time they are provided by CEB’s SHL. Once again you have to score amongst the highest candidates to move on to stage 3 of the recruitment process, the assessment centre.

CEB’s SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

In this test, you are being asked to assess the logic of a series of written statements. This verbal reasoning test contains 30 questions and lasts 17 minutes. Unlike the Cut-e (Aon) test, this test is not negatively marked. You are given a series of texts and asked to assess whether a series of statements are true, false, or cannot say. You are required to base your answers on the information contained in the text only. You cannot go back to earlier questions. This test is different from the earlier verbal reasoning test you took, so learn more about CEB’s SHL verbal reasoning tests. 

CEB’s SHL Inductive/ Logical Reasoning Test

In this test, you are being tested on your ability to think logically. It is a very different test to the Discovering Rules test you took earlier, this time you have 25 minutes to answer 24 questions. This test is a multiple choice test, where you have to choose the correct shape for the pattern sequence. Learn more about CEB’s SHL inductive reasoning test and prepare for the test with JobTestPrep

If you are successful in the Garda aptitude tests, you will be invited to the next stage, the Garda assessment centre.


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