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Welcome to JobTestPrep's free psychometric test practice hub. Get a glimpse of employers' psychometric and aptitude assessments.

Below are links to popular psychometric test samples. The rightmost link will lead you to over 10 additional free practice sessions. All tests produce a score report, allowing you to review your results with access to explanations.

  Free Psychometric Test
Practice numerical, verbal & inductive reasoning questions.
  • 6 questions, 2 of each type
  Free Personality Test
A short questionnaire, reflecting part of our online personality test.
  • 12 questions + score report
  Verbal Challenge
Take part in our verbal reasoning challenge, and win up to £5 off our products!
  • For a limited time only!
  Numerical Challenge
Take part in our numerical reasoning challenge, and win up to £5 off our products!
  • For a limited time only!
  SJT Sample Tests
Sample questions + answers and scores.
  • Free of charge
  More Free Tests
Over 60 minutes of free practice sessions!
  • Over 10 additional tests

Practice Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Practising for employers' assessments has become more and more challenging. Nowadays, each assessment company tries to reinvent the world of psychometric testing to reach the top tier employers willing to pay millions of dollars to recruit the most talented candidates. Unfortunately, the candidates pay a heavy price for this competition. For example, when applying to a list of desired accountancy or IT firms, a candidate may be asked to sit a variety of numerical reasoning tests, with each company's test having unique characteristics. The differences between each test may include maths topics, time frames, test formats, and difficulty levels.
This example applies to many other tests and positions as well.

While the above free psychometric test examples are fun and challenging, they represent only a drop in the sea of possible assessments and question types you will face during the selection process. 

JobTestPrep's Psychometric Tests Preparation

JobTestPrep is the only preparation institute in the world that gives practice solutions for each assessment company and/or position. Our practice psychometric tests database includes over 5,000 practice questions, which are divided by the specific needs of candidates from all industries and job levels.

Only at JobTestPrep are you given the chance to practise the psychometric tests YOU will see at the assessment stage, whether you are applying to a specific employer or looking to review the entire range of possible tests your position/industry requires.

If you are done reviewing our free psychometric test examples and wish to start practising seriously, we invite you to review our customised practice packs:
Practise psychometric tests | Practise aptitude tests | Practise numerical tests | Practise verbal tests

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