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Prepare for the European Commission Employment Process

The European Commission is an institution of the European Union and offers job seekers with various opportunities working for an institution or agency. The European Commission application process includes a European Commission graduate scheme which grants trainees a five-month paid internship and includes different types of permanent contracts, such as the administrators (AD), assistants (AST), and assistant-secretaries (AST/SC).

The European Commission recruitment procedure is outlined below:

  • Online Application: When registering, candidates may submit an online application and updated CV which includes their work experience pertaining to the relevant European Commission graduate jobs or careers of interest. Each application is evaluated based on academic involvement, profile, skills, and language capabilities.
  • Telephone Interview: The phone screening stage may be briefly conducted by an HR employee and will cover job applicants’ background information and previous work experience.
  • Tests: European Commission aptitude tests will initially be computer-based and are composed of psychometric assessments which take place in testing centres around Europe.
  • In-Person Interview: Applicants will then be invited for an in-person interview, usually involving an assessment centre day which may take place in Brussels or Luxembourg. The assessment centre is performed so employers can assess applicants’ skills and competencies required. Role-playing exercises, presentations, case studies, and in-tray assessments may be conducted to ensure that applicants possess problem-solving, communicating, development, team-work, and leadership abilities.

European Commission ESPO Tests

As part of the European Commission graduate recruitment process, candidates may need to perform online assessments as well as psychometric tests, such as the EPSO aptitude entrance exams. For more permanent jobs, applicants may first be assessed based on qualifications alone before being invited to take the EPSO exams. The EPSO tests include the verbal reasoning exam, which is composed of passages based on a variety of topics and poses questions to assess candidates' comprehension and logical-thinking abilities. The numerical reasoning test contains numerical questions to measure test-takers understanding of percentages, ratios, and basic algebraic functions. The abstract reasoning exam presents images with logical relationships and tests applicants’ expertise in grasping the connection between these non-concrete concepts. Lastly, the situational judgment test considers candidates’ scenario-based answers and attributes the results to their behavioural traits. The SJT and other technical skills tests may be administered in applicants’ second language. Candidates may also be asked to perform Cubiks Logiks assessment tests as well.

Begin practising for your EPSO aptitude tests today.

European Commission Interview Questions

Reviewing the important competencies required for the European Commission internship and employment positions is necessary when practising for the interview stage. When crafting your answers, remember to emphasize your relevant skill set and past experiences which demonstrate your compatibility with the role. Examples of interview questions are as follows:

  • How is your education and experience relevant to this profile?
  • What strengths would you bring to your work?
  • Discuss two of your main achievements. Describe the process you went through and their positive results for you and others.
  • Please describe a time when you led a team.

Although answering these questions may seem time-consuming and difficult, using the STAR method will assist you in creating a positive impression by referring to the situation you faced, the task required of you, the action you took and the end result of the instance that occurred.


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