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Working for the Department of Justice Victoria

Landing a government job within the Department of Justice in Victoria will all come down to how you have prepared. Below you will find information concerning this process regardless of the role or programme you have applied for. The Victoria Justice Department recruitment process may include:

  • Application Process: The application process will need to be completed directly from the Department of Justice Victoria careers webpage. Once you have selected a suitable role from the listed Department of Justice Victoria jobs, you will need to thoroughly read the job description and requirements, complete the online application and submit your CV.
Victorian Government Job Application Checklist
✔️ I have printed out to carefully read and understand the position description and responsibilities. I also meet each of the qualification, certification, and license requirements needed for the role.
✔️ I have done my research regarding the role, function, and values of the organisation to which I have applied.
✔️ I have updated my CV/ resume and have completed the selection criteria using the SAO (Situation, Action, Outcome) method to ensure my invitation for an interview.
✔️ I have made sure that my application is easily readable using simple English phrasing and have checked my grammar. 


  • Initial Screening: During this stage, your application and CV will be reviewed regarding the specific job’s requirements. If your application has been shortlisted, you should anticipate participating in a phone interview.
  • Employment Exam: Regardless of the role or programme you have applied for, you will be required to take a pre-hire aptitude assessment. These tests were designed to determine your suitability for the position or programme currently being offered.
  • Interviews: In order to prepare for your interviews, you should first review the capability requirements for the role you have applied for. Personal interviews with the Justice Department NSW will typically be behavioural in nature and held before a panel.
  • Reference & Background Checks/ Additional Testing: This process will include checking several of your provided professional references to discuss your skills, experience, and performance. There will be additional security checks and requirements for roles that are based within a prison, custodial centre, community corrections location or has management responsibilities for offenders.
  • Offer of Employment

Some positions and programmes may require your participation in an assessment centre. This includes some entry-level positions as well as graduate programmes and internships.



Department of Justice & Regulation Aptitude Tests

Department of Justice jobs will often begin with a screening process including a review of your CV, a brief initial interview, and employment exams. The purpose of this process is to ensure that you possess each of the skills and personality traits desired to fulfill the duties of the job being offered. If you are determined to have the profile matching the job responsibilities as well as the Department of Justices’ culture and values, you will be more likely to receive a job offer.

JobTestPrep’s extensive online catalogue includes practice tests and study guides for assessments you will likely face during the Department of Justice Victoria recruitment process. These tests include those for situational judgment, personality questionnaires, numerical and verbal reasoning, abstract and logical reasoning, as well as Microsoft Office.

If you are applying for a role as a Department of Justice prison officer, you will likely need to take and pass a situational judgment exam as part of your recruitment requirements, while administrative roles may require an Excel test. By practising for your assessments beforehand, you will give yourself a major advantage over other applicants who may be vying for the same position.

Boost your potential for success during the Department of Justice Victoria hiring process with the help of JobTestPrep.


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