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What Does the Recruitment Process Include at the Department of Defence?

The pre-employment assessment at the Government of Australia, in its Department of Defence has several stages:

The Test

To be considered for a position at the Department of Defence of Australia, you need to upload your documents online onto the Department’s website. Once your documents have been screened, you will be asked to take the psychometric test online. In most cases, applicants are invited to pass the Revelian Test containing three major categories: numerical, verbal, and abstract. To assist you with these questions, JobTestPrep has developed test simulations that can prepare candidates for the psychometric tests administered by the Government of Australia. Our Numerical, Verbal, and Abstract Reasoning Tests will improve the speed and accuracy of your calculations, your analysis of data presented in statistical tables, your reading comprehension, and your logical thinking. Only with our practice materials will you nail your test and move to the next stage of your pre-employment assessment. Another test that can help you is the Deductive Reasoning.

The Phone Interview

The next stage is a phone interview. Be prepared to talk about your educational background and work experience, walking through your résumé with your interviewer. You may also need to explain why you want to work at the Department of Defence of Australia.

The Assessment Centre

A good impression created during your phone interview usually guarantees that you become invited to the Assessment Center for an assessment day. May employers nowadays prefer assessment centers over standard interviews because tasks that applicants fulfil during their assessment day reveal their personalities and professionalism more fully than their answers to interview questions. Expect to participate in various group exercises and case studies and make several short presentations in front of assessors and job applicants vying for similar position for which you applied. There will also be short and long interviews with your potential managers.

The Face-to-Face Interview

The interview at the Department of Defence has the form of the panel; that is, you will have a conversation with three persons simultaneously. Questions they will ask will be behavioural, situational, and competency-based. What distinguishes the face-to-face interview at the Department of Defence from in-person interviews in other companies is that its recruiters distribute their interview questions before the interview, thereby giving applicants time to formulate answers to these questions. Usually, job candidates are given about 10-15 minutes to think over 5-10 questions. The reason why the recruiters allow applicants to get acquainted with their questions in advance is that they search to receive deeper responses to them than any impromptu answer would be. When you answer situational questions, think of the challenging work situation that you faced in the past and try to follow the STAR format when describing it. This format allows you to deliver a more comprehensive answer to a situational question and, in so doing, show your professionalism and decision-making skills more clearly.

If your interviewers are impressed with your answers, you will receive a job offer. Note that passing the Revelian Test and interview with success is not a small feat. Employment at the Government of Australia is highly competitive. Coming to your pre-hire assessment unprepared would endanger your chances of landing a position there. Do not leave your employment to chance. Practise with JobTestPrep’s high-quality materials that include accurate tests simulations and interview questions that you are likely to see on the list of questions distributed by interviewers at the Department of Defence. Some of these questions are presented below.

What Questions Appear on the List of Interview Questions Given at the Department of Defence?  

The questions that the interviewers at the Department of Defence put on their list of questions given to applicants just before the interview are of different variety and difficulty. Here are several questions that real job candidates answered during their interviews at the Government of Australia:

  • Tell us about a time when you have had to manage a difficult staff member, and what approach did you use.
  • Tell us about a time where you had to lead a project with an outcome affecting multiple teams?  
  • Tell us about a time one of your subordinates were resisting change. How did you respond to their resistance?  
  • Tell us about a situation where the rules were unclear. How did you deal with this situation?  
  • How would you approach your commencement in the new role?  
  • Describe a difficult leadership situation and the skills you used to address it?  
  • Explain actions you take to understand the strategic vision and how do you apply this to your role?  
  • What do you think are the key strategic threats that Australia faces in the future?  

You may also meet these or similar questions during your interview for a position at the Department of Defence in Australia. Read them attentively and try to formulate clear answers to them before you talk to your recruiters. You will also do right, if you research about the Department of Defence in advance and learn about its organizational groups, secretaries, Defence Committee.  

What Is the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

This test measures job applicants’ general intelligence. Employers at the Department of Defence of Australia offer their candidates to pass this test because it clearly reveals their personalities and accurately predicts how well they will carry out their duties when working for the government of Australia. The Revelian Test also predicts whether applicants will perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Based on the results of the test, employers can also understand whether job applicants will be able to solve problems well and will act smartly in complex, challenging situations.  

The Revelian Test consists of 51 questions. They are divided into three major categories: The Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract. What is peculiar about the Revelian Rest is that it is an adaptable test. In other words, the difficulty of its questions changes as applicants are progressing through it. The further they go, the more difficult their questions become. Due to the varied difficulty of its questions, the Revelian test creates a broad-gauged picture of applicants’ cognitive abilities.

Another peculiarity of this test is that it does not show your raw score. Your scores will be compared to the scores of other job candidates who take the test with you or were tested in the past. By comparing your scores to the scores of others, employers at the Department of Defence can select the best candidate among all job applicants wishing to work for the Government of Australia.



JobTestPrep specializes in modelling their test simulations on official tests so that applicants who practice with them can sail through their pre-employment assessment confidently and smoothly. Practice with our materials and begin to improve the effectiveness with which the Government’s defence policy is carried out in Australia.

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