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About JobTestPrep’s Concern Worldwide Cubiks-Style Packs

More employers than ever like Concern Worldwide are relying on pre-employment tests to weed out the competition and better understand their applicant's true skills, abilities and attitudes towards work. Our customised Cubiks-style PrepPacks™ are designed to bring you head above shoulders so you can advance in the interview process.


Get Your Pre-Concern Worldwide Cubiks Test Simulation Package

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the Concern Worldwide assessments. Breeze through your Concern Worldwide Cubiks tests with confidence using JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPacks™. Begin today and receive dozens of practise Cubiks tests, study guides, and more!


Concern Worldwide Interview Structure

If you want the job with Concern Worldwide, preparing for their interview process is crucial. After submitting your CV, you will most likely be contacted for an initial screening interview held over the phone. If this interview goes well, you should be invited by Concern Worldwide to participate in a face-to-face interview. The face-to-face interview will either be held one-on-one, or in a group or panel.

Concern Worldwide Assessment Centre Proceedings

The Assessment Center allows a more thorough analysis of job candidates’ professional skills than other methods of assessment. In addition to inviting applicants to take tests and have an interview, employers at the Assessment Center ask them to deliver a presentation in front of other candidates, participate in group and simulation exercises, take part in case studies, and do role playing. All these activities are designed to measure candidates’ various competencies such as leadership, problem solving, quick thinking, and teamworking, among others. As a rule, the assessment event takes a full day. If it takes two days, and applicants stay at the Assessment Centre overnight, employers pay for their hotel and food. By the end of the event, successful candidates have a final interview with their prospective employers, where a hiring decision is being made.

Why Should I Prepare for the Aptitude Test?

Inviting job candidates to take the Aptitude Test has long become popular among employers. Many companies think that they do not create a full, accurate impression about job candidates, when they read their CVs or converse with them during a face-to-face interview. They maintain that asking applicants to take the Aptitude Test yields more reliable results and helps them choose the best candidates from the applicant pool. There are several Aptitude Tests that employers utilize during their hiring processes, each of which is designed to evaluate applicants’ different cognitive abilities. While questions contained in these Aptitude Tests are not extremely difficult, no one can answer them impromptu. Practising is required if you want to rise above your competitors. Prepare with JobTestPrep’s high-quality Cubiks test practice PrepPack™ and convince your employers that you have all necessary abilities to perform the work well.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is evaluated not according to the number of correct answers that you get on it. Your score on the test is estimated against the scores of other applicants who are also taking it or those who already work in the positions similar to yours. Employers prefer this method of scoring on the Verbal Reasoning Test, because it allows them to choose the top candidate from the pool of applicants. Yet this method can be the bad news for candidates themselves. It is more difficult to withstand the competition, when your results are calculated relative to the scores received by others. Even an objectively high score may look comparatively low, if all other test results are higher. Your 89% of correct answers will not open you the door to a face-to-face interview, if your peers got 90% of answers right. Do not hurt your chances of qualifying for the desired position by not preparing for your Verbal Reasoning Test. Purchase our exclusive PrepPack™ and outshine other job applicants.

What Does the SJT Tell My Future Employer?

The test can indicate much about you that will help paint a picture of how you might adopt within the company. Things like your commitment to professionalism, ability to communicate and how you work professionally within a team. Moreover, will take your pulse in coping with pressure and how you respond to easy or complicated problems.

How Is an Interview Different at the Assessment Centre?

An interview at the Assessment Centre is not different from interviews conducted in the face-to-face interviews. In both cases, you will be asked competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions. The only difference between these interviews is that at the assessment centre, the interview is only one of many activities in which job applicants are engaged during the assessment day. Together with the interview, they may make presentation, participate in a group discussion, play roles, and take tests. In the regular interview, applicants only have a conversation with Human Resources representatives and prospective managers.

Will Preparation for the Concern Worldwide Cubiks Test Help?

In one word, yes! You will not move forward in the interview process without passing your Concern Worldwide Cubiks test and it is incumbent to prepare. Jobtestprep will help you hone in on your skills and provide important knowledge refreshers before you sit down to take the test.

What Role does the Concern Worldwide Cubiks test Play in the Overall Hiring Process?

The Concern Worldwide Cubiks test is very important because it affirms that your claims made in the CV are accurate and that you can perform as you indicate. Only upon successful completion of the test can the company bring you in for a proper interview to get to know you one on one. View the test as a stepping stone towards signing the contract.

Why Were the Assessment Centres Established?

Many employers believe the usual methods of pre-employment assessment do not provide a reliable and just evaluation of job applicants. They maintain that neither tests nor interviews allow them to create a full picture of applicants’ personalities or predict their performance at work. Therefore, employers decided to enhance their assessment methods and created assessment centres. The Assessment Centre allows a more comprehensive evaluation of job candidates, because, in addition to tests and interviews, they are required to participate in a number of other activities. Job applicants deliver oral presentations, discuss various topics with their peers in a group, and participate in case studies and simulation exercise and, in so doing, reveal their cognitive abilities, professional skills, and personalities more clearly.


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