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About JobTestPrep’s B/E Aerospace CEB SHL-Style Packs

Boost your confidence and glide through B/E Aerospace’s hiring process and CEB SHL tests with our exclusive PrepPacks™ and get the job you always wanted.


Start Prepping for Your B/E Aerospace CEB SHL Tests without Delay and Pass with Ease

Pre- Employment tests have become more difficult, as competition across a spectrum of markets becomes ever fiercer. B/E AerospaceJob candidates will facing exams which require intense attention to detail and an ability to answer questions under strict time frame. To pass your CEB SHL on the fly is exceedingly difficult and you do not want to be left unprepared. JobTestPrep has put together perhaps the most comprehensive pre-employment test package on the market, which sharpen your knowledge and skills and help you run to the finish line. So, boost your confidence now with our advanced drills and study guides and increase your chances of a job offer.


B/E AerospaceInterview Structure

During the B/E Aerospace interview process, you should expect to be interviewed in a number of different ways. This process will generally begin with an initial screening interview held over the phone with a representative from the HR department. This first interview will include questions regarding your prior work experience, availability, and salary expectations.

A successful phone interview will often be followed up with a request to attend a face-to-face interview. Companies like B/E Aerospace will either hold their face-to-face interviews in a one-on-one format, as a group or panel.

Information for the B/E AerospaceAssessment Centre

Many employers have recently decided that it is insufficient just to test and interview their prospective employees, because test results and impressions made during interviews are not an altogether reliable method of predicting their future performance at work. More is needed to ascertain that a certain job candidate will make a valuable contribution to a company. At the Assessment Center, job applicants are evaluated more thoroughly: they are asked to make an oral presentation on the topics allotted to them in advance, participate in group discussions, take part in case studies and simulation exercises, and play roles according to scenarios presented to them by assessors. When they become engaged in such variable activities, job candidates reveal their professional potential more fully. To increase the fairness of evaluation, assessors take notes and give applicants points after each activity. By the end of the assessment event, employers compare their estimation of each applicant and winnow out those who scored lower. Only few job candidates arrive to the final stage of the assessment and are interviewed by their potential managers.

How is the SJT Scored?

Some graders base scores on a sliding scale, while others grade each test individually. When taking the test you will be presented with either singular remedies to office conflicts or rank various possible solutions from the most to the least effective outcome. At the end of the day, however, there is no right answer in the technical sense of the term, and your tester will be responsible to judge the effectiveness of your solutions.

What Will the B/E AerospaceKnow via the CEB SHL Tests?

The company wants to know that they are hiring the right candidate for the position and one who can merge with the company culture. The CEB SHL test provides B/E Aerospace with important indicators in relation to your workplace competencies and if you can maintain their rigorous standards. Our CEB SHL-style PrepPacks™ will bring you up to date to help you pass with confidence.

What Is the General Hiring Process at B/E Aerospace?

The first stage will be the online application which will include, among other things, a number of questions about your work history and skill sets. If your application is accepted, a company rep will follow up with screening phone call to decide if you will move on to the next stage. Next comes the testing session, which will include the CEB SHL test. Upon successful passing the test the company will invite you to either one or a series of sit down interviews to make a final decision on your candidacy. Once the company has decided to take you on, you will be invited to negotiate a job offer – Congratulations!

How Should I Conduct Myself During the Assessment Day?

Competition is keen among job candidates. Behaving impressively while being assessed is the key to success. The main point is to be assertive during all activities. If you make a mistake, do not get upset or concentrate on the negative side of your performance. Try to improve your performance during the next exercise, because your final evaluation is the summation of points given to you for each activity. Therefore, if you underperform during one task, you may compensate for this by behaving more assertively during another. It is also important not to overshadow other candidates completely. When you are having a group exercise, draw your peers into the discussion. Be polite and considerate to other candidates even during breaks, because you will be observed even while conversing informally with others. Do not be nervous. Only when you are relaxed and confident will your talents shine through.


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