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Atlas Copco Revelian-Style Cognitive Ability Test

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (formerly Onetest), otherwise known as the RCAT, is a 20-minute exam comprised of 51-question including three question categories: logical/abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning. As the test progresses so does the level of difficulty. Due to the wide variety of positions that this exam is applied to the difficulty range and questions types are board with varying levels of difficulty.

Atlas Copco Matrigma-Style test

Matrices is the essential component of the Matrigma test and heavily based on the famous Raven matrices, the classic matrix test upon which all GMA tests are based. The test is non-verbal and can easily be adapted for multiple languages. Many consider this the most accurate form of GMA.

Atlas Copco Abstract Reasoning Online Assessments

In order to assess general intellect beyond text book knowledge, company’s employ the abstract reasoning test, which is also known as diagrammatic or logical reasoning. Atlas Copco will use this test to evaluate your adaptability in relating to new concepts and abstract ideas across the breadth of positions within the company. Creativity and fast paced work ethic will aid you greatly on this test.

Atlas Copco Verbal Reasoning Test

Atlas Copco takes advantage of the Verbal reasoning test to better understand how candidates take written information and analyze, comprehend, and draw appropriate conclusions from that data. Many companies are now using this test to assess applicants on a wide range of positions.

Atlas Copco Numerical Test

To gain a better grasp of your abilities in interpreting numerical data and performing mathematical functions many companies turn to the numerical reasoning assessment test. JobTestPrep offers a variety of numerical reasoning practice tests with accompanying answer keys and explanations for many different job levels.

Atlas Copco Situational Judgement Test

The Atlas CopcoSituational Judgement Test or SJT is used measures your ability to tackle real-life work conflicts and scenarios in real time. Choose the most and least effective solutions or alternatively list the offered resolutions according to their effectiveness. The Atlas Copco SJT will assess a number of invaluable workplace skills. This test is usually made up of 100 or more questions measuring 32 specific traits.



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Atlas Copco Interview Procedure

After you successfully pass a phone interview, you will be required to take the Atlas Copco’s pre-employment tests. Provided you receive high scores on them, you will move to the next level of the pre-employment assessment, an in-person interview. This interview is usually conducted in one of the Atlas Copco’s locations. On it, you will have a chance to talk with your prospective managers, who will ask you about your working experience and your career goals. They will also want to determine whether you have required skills to perform job tasks well and whether you will be a good fit for the company. Situational questions will also be posed. Before you come for the face-to-face interview, think about a problematic situation you faced in your past and recollect what steps you took to resolve it. Your recruiters will want to know what goals you set for yourself, while coping with the difficult situation, and what remedy you found for it. Tell them also about possible alternative resolution of the problem that your weighted but finally decided not to implement. By following these steps, you will show to the Atlas Copco’s employers how your mind works in stressful situations.

Information for the Atlas Copco Assessment Centre

Aiming to hire the most professional and knowledgeable people, many employers consider interviewing job applicants an insufficient means of determining their suitability for a position. Even pre-employment testing, a popular way of sifting through job candidates, does not guarantee that the right person will be hired. What largely increases chances of weeding out wrong candidates is a combination of such tasks and activities as group discussions, presentations, role playing, social events, case studies, and psychometric and various written tests. This combination is achieved at assessment centres that host pre-employment events to which prospective employees are invited to demonstrate their professional aptitude individually and in groups. The length of such pre-employment events at assessment centres varies from several hours to a couple of days. While performing different activities, job applicants are expected to show such traits as adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness, creativity, leadership, and good time management. There is strict elimination at every stage of the assessment process, so not every job candidate arrives to the final interview with high managers that, if they are favorably impressed, may bring an invitation to become an employee in their organization.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me to Prepare for My Atlas Copco Mathematical Reasoning Tests?

As the old saying goes practice makes perfect. When facing a numerical reasoning test, which contains ideas you haven’t seen since high school you have to brush up. While it might be easy to find practice tests, getting the answers to check and understand you errors is much more difficult! Our practice packs include full answers and explanations, which will sufficiently prepare you for test day. Seeing the questions in the right format can make all difference in your test performance.

How Can Preparing for My Atlas Copco Assessments Benefit Me?

Via our practice tests and study guides, JobTestPrep provides you with a leg up to excel in all of your Atlas Copco assessments through the use of our many practice tests and study guides. familiarise yourself with the material being covered and take a step towards that job offer.

What Does the Atlas Copco Hiring Process Entail?

During the Atlas Copco recruitment process you will be faced with a number of interviews and pre-hire Matrigma-style assessments. The Matrigma-style assessments provides your interviewer with extra insight into your strengths and weaknesses that do not always come through on a written CV/resume.

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