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What's Included

  • 2 full-length GIA–style practice tests
  • 8 numeracy practice tests
  • 7 verbal comprehension practice tests 
  • 4 deductive reasoning tests 
  • 2 error checking tests
  • Detailed explanations and solving strategies
  • Timed tests with score reports
  • Latest test updates
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Secured payment


Unlike most common psychometric tests, the Thomas GIA Test aims to assess general intelligence rather than more advanced subject-specific abilities (e.g. numerical, verbal, or abstract reasoning). The idea is to predict how well you will develop and respond to training if you receive your desired job.

Thomas GIA Test Sections

The GIA is an online test that consists of five different sections:


This section measures your ability to make inferences and draw logical conclusions. You are given a statement describing the relationship between two individuals. You then need to answer a question that refers to this statement.

Perceptual Speed

You are presented with pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters. Your task is to identify the number of pairs in which both letters are the same as quickly as possible.

Number Speed and Accuracy

Each question includes a set of three numbers. You need to pick the number which is furthest away from the middle number out of the three.

Spatial Visualisation

This is a mental-rotation test. In each question, there are two pairs of images rotated a different amount of degrees. You need to identify the pairs in which both images are the same (and not mirrored).

Word Meaning

This is a verbal odd-one-out test. In each question, there are three words, two of which are similar in some way. Your task is to identify the third, unrelated word.

What Is the Thomas TST Test?

The Tests for Selection and Training (TST) is the pencil-and-paper format of Thomas GIA. As such, it is administered under supervision. Another difference is that the last section of the GIA (word meaning) is replaced in the TST exam with a working memory test. The TST is otherwise identical to the GIA. All of the other sections remain the same, as does the overall visual style of the test. The time frames change slightly to accommodate the small differences.

Why Should I Prepare for Thomas Tests?

The 20–50 questions on each section of the test must be completed under the strict time limit of 2–5 minutes. Therefore, speed is just as important as accuracy. Although the questions may seem very easy at first glance, they progressively get more difficult. Thus, the fact that you have less than five minutes to answer tens of questions in each section presents a real challenge.

Moreover, the once-common belief that you cannot prepare for psychometric tests was disproved long ago. The mere knowledge of what questions will look like and the experience in solving them will increase your confidence. It will also save you the time of figuring everything out as you are taking the actual test, not to mention improve your ability to answer questions correctly and quickly. Ultimately, preparing in advance may very well give you the small edge that is the difference between getting the job and not.

How Can JobTestPrep Help?

JobTestPrep's tailored practice pack is designed specifically to help you prepare for the Thomas GIA/TST-style psychometric tests. Our pack features full-length practice tests, detailed answer explanations, and score reports, as well additional practice materials to help you brush up on your basic numeracy and verbal skills.


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