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What's Included

  • 4 cut-e-style numerical ability practice tests
  • 4 cut-e-style verbal ability practice tests
  • 5 cut-e Scales-style logical tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 4 numerical ability drills
  • 3 verbal ability drills
  • 22 video tutorials and study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ combines cut-e-style numerical, verbal, Scales cls and ix tests, drills, interview preparation, guides and tutorials.

Visma PrepPacks™

The cut-e-style online tests preparation pack provides you with all the resources you need to prepare for your psychometric tests: an extensive amount of online cut-e-style practice questions that are specific for graduate level, professional personality tests, accompanied by personalised, detailed reports and a rich collection of study guides and video tutorials.

Visma Numerical Reasoning

These exams evaluate your calculative abilities and thinking. They might include tables and graphs with questions about them, calculation problems and similar questions.

Visma Verbal Reasoning

Verbal ability—namely, comprehension, vocabulary and interpretation—can be improved through practice. Simply taking practice tests and gaining exposure to the types of questions you will experience on the real test can relax you, improve your confidence and increase your speed and accuracy. The key elements to keep in mind when preparing for a verbal reasoning test are as follows:

  • Accuracy in answering questions
  • The speed at which you answer (most verbal reasoning tests are time-limited)
  • Understanding the passage and how to answer the questions

Visma Abstract Reasoning

Abstract reasoning tests form a substantial part of intelligence tests; therefore, they are very popular among testing companies. They are often called inductive reasoning tests or diagrammatic series tests. In these logical reasoning tests, you are asked to identify a missing figure in a matrix or pattern, or alternatively, decide which group of matrices a certain figure best fits into.


Online Preparation for Visma Aptitude Tests

Regardless of the type of the position or the company you have applied for, the PrepPack™ has been customized to suit your needs. Begin preparing for your recruitment process today!


Visma Interview

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to a Visma interview. This interview usually lasts about 45 minutes. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is key to helping you stay calm and focused. With the help of the Interview PrepPack™, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview.

Visma Assessment Centre

The aim of the Visma assessment centre is to evaluate numerous applicants on several fundamental skills that are necessary in order to fulfil the job at hand. During the assessment centre process, you will be expected to participate in various assessments, group activities and interviews. Each of these exercises simulates facets of the job description and work environment for the vacancy being offered, allowing candidates to demonstrate how their skills match with those required to perform that specific role.

What kinds of questions will I find in my PrepPack™?

Ready for a challenge? The free, full-length test includes 12 questions and has a 30-minute time limit, providing conditions similar to those you can expect on the real exam. Once you have completed the questions, you will receive a printable score report letting you know how many questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. You also have the opportunity to go back to questions you may have missed for review.

What Do Employers Want from Job References?

It is important to choose your job references thoughtfully, because they may significantly influence your employers’ hiring decision. Although employers form their opinion about job candidates themselves, basing it on candidates’ test results and behaviour during the interview, they still realize that their opinion may be erroneous, based on such essentially limited information. Hence, they turn for advice to people who know applicants better. When they talk to references, employers ask them to describe and evaluate a candidate’s past job duties and experience. They also discuss applicants’ strengths and weaknesses and their accomplishment in the previous workplace. The information collected from references may either strengthen employers’ opinion to hire a certain job candidate or, on the contrary, dissuade them from doing so.

Come Prepared

The packs offer high-quality services to prepare you for your upcoming online aptitude tests and interviews. Start practising now with the numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Visma.



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