IBM Trait Based Assessment – The Complete Guide [2024]

It should come as no surprise that IBM is looking for the best and brightest individuals to join their ranks, and this is reflected in their highly challenging hiring process.

Are you applying for an internship or an entry-level position with IBM? Have you been invited to take the IBM Trait Based Assessment? We’ve got you covered! Our IBM assessment test preparation covers all you need for your IBM assessment test and interview. It includes:

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BM Trait Based Assessment Preparation

  • IBM Trait Based Assessment
  • Full Adept-7 Simulation
  • Position-Based Study Guide
  • 150 Practice Questions
  • Optional for 5 GBP: IBM Video Assessment
  • Video Interview Interactive Study Guide
  • Focused Practice Questions
  • Over 20 interview practice questions & Answering Tips
  • Pre-recorded Interview Tips

What is the IBM Assessment Test?

The IBM assessment test is a pre-hiring tool that evaluates your skills and behavioural tendencies to ensure you fit the role you applied for.

Each candidate receives a different set of assessment tests, depending on the position. For example, candidates for programming and tech positions, will take a coding test assessing they have the required ability for the specific job.

In addition to the ability assessment, you will be asked to take the IBM Trait Based Assessment, which evaluates your behavioural tendencies and workplace styles.

If you pass the first IBM assessment tests, you will receive an invitation for a pre-recorded interview before moving on to a face-to-face live interview with your recruiter. 

Let’s take a look at each of the IBM assessment tests!

IBM Coding Assessment

For most candidates, the first step of the hiring process is the IBM coding assessment. Provided by HackerRank, this assessment is designed to evaluate your programming skills and problem-solving abilities. The specific content and format of the assessment varies depending on the position and the requirements of the job you applied for.

However, you will usually be presented with 2-3 questions with a time limit of about 45 minutes to complete the test.

You can practice for the IBM Coding Assessment on the official HackerRank site.

For some positions, you will be asked to take the IPAT test.

IBM Trait Based Assessment

The next IBM assessment test is the IBM Trait-Based Assessment. Provided by AON, also known as the Adept-7 assessment, evaluates your workplace behaviours, characteristics, and traits.

You will be presented with statement pairs and asked to choose the one that best aligns with your viewpoint while indicating your level of agreement.

There are 55 questions to answer, and there's no time limit; most participants complete it in approximately 10 minutes.

Here is how it looks –


Where would you align yourself on this axis?

When I'm offended, I want to pardon and move on

I rarely make hasty decisions

Strongly Agree

Slightly Agree

Slightly Agree

Strongly Agree

View Explanation

When picking your answer, consider the traits and characteristics that are desirable for the position you applied for.

For example, suppose you are going to work with a team. In that case, you should consider collegiality and collaboration and choose the statement “When I'm offended, I want to pardon and move on,” indicating that you are a pleasant person to work with.

Suppose you are applying to a managerial position or a role requiring taking risks. In that case, you should refer to the statement “I rarely make hasty decisions ”, which indicates that you are a calculated person that doesn’t risk without consideration.

The answer is dependent on your personality and on the type of position you are trying to get hired for.

The IBM Trait Based Assessment is a personality test that creates a comprehensive profile that fits the job requirements.

With JobTestPrep's IBM Assessment Test PrePack, you'll learn how to see the big picture that suits your specific job with full simulations mimicking the real test, detailed explanations, and study guides tailored for your position!

IBM Video Assessment

The last IBM assessment test is the IBM video assessment, which is a pre-recorded interview designed to assess various facets of your personality, skills, capabilities, ambitions, and motivations.

The IBM video assessment does not replace the traditional in-person interview, but it is a way to gain a first impression of you and your characteristics.

You will be presented with common HR questions, and you should respond to each by recording yourself. There are usually 5-8 questions; you will have about 30 seconds to prepare your answer and up to 3 minutes to record it.

IBM Video Assessment

Begin your preparation today with JobTestPrep's exclusive interactive Video Interview Guide, miming the real IBM Video Assessment format, and expert tips and real-world examples on how to best approach each question coming your way!


The IBM assessment is a series of tests designed to ensure you have the skills and traits required for the job and the organization’s culture. It can include the IBM Coding Assessment, which evaluates your professional abilities; the IBM Trait Based Assessment, which evaluates your characteristics and work-related behaviors; and the IBM Video Assessment, which aim to get a first impression of you.

For the IBM coding assessment, you can practice and sharpen your professional skills on the test provider site – HackerRank. For the IBM Trait-Based Assessment and the IBM Video Assessment, you need to prepare by familiarizing yourself with the assessments’ format and learning how to address each question best.

The IBM Trait Based Assessment is Aon’s Adept-7 test, which evaluates your workplace behaviours, characteristics, and traits to ensure you fit the organisation's culture.