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How to Prepare for SHL Numerical Tests

SHL is a popular assessment company among employers of all sizes, from global audit firms to SMEs. Thus, it is extremely likely you will encounter a SHL numerical test on one of your upcoming assessments. 

The key to succeeding on SHL numerical tests is knowing what to expect and practising as many relevant questions as you can (i.e. practising questions that are similar in type, difficulty level, and time limit to the questions candidates at your job level are required to solve).

This page offers you JobTestPrep's SHL-style numerical preparation packs, provides links to free practice questions and numerical tips, and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about SHL’s numerical tests.

Types of Tests and Appropriate Preparation Packs

SHL Talent Measurement offers many different types of numerical tests, which vary according to the type and level of the job in question. Take a look at the relevant row in the table below and find out which of our preparation packs is the most suitable for you.

Job Level/Type JobTestPrep's Appropriate Packs
Directors and Senior Managers Numerical Pack - Senior MGMT
Managers, Professionals and Graduates Numerical Pack – Graduate/MGMT
Junior Managers and Supervisors CRTB Pack – Numerical, Verbal, Logical & More
Information Technology Staff ITTS Pack – Numerical, Verbal & More
Sales, Customer Service and Call Centre Staff Numerical Pack – Technical, Sales & Operational
Administrative and Clerical Staff Numerical Pack – Technical, Sales & Operational
PTB Pack – Numerical, Verbal & More
Technical Staff Numerical Pack – Technical, Sales & Operational
TTB Pack – Numerical, Verbal & More

Free SHL-Style Numerical Practice Questions

Practise free  SHL–style numerical questions with answers and explanations, or check out our post about SHL numerical reasoning test answers. See our Free SHL-style Numerical Reasoning Test PDF for a paper based version. 

These free tests present only a fraction of the rich collection of practice materials you will find in our preparation packs. These packs include hundreds of practice questions, which range from basic practice drills to advanced-level questions.

Free Tips for Solving SHL Numerical Tests

Below are useful links to free resources that will help you prepare for your upcoming SHL assessment.

  • How to pass SHL-style numerical tests – useful tips for solving SHL numerical tests.
  • How to use a calculator – watch this video tutorial, get great tips for using a calculator efficiently, and save time on your SHL assessment.
  • Percentages guide – sample questions and tips that will help you solve percentages questions on SHL's numerical tests (including explanations on how to work out percentage change with or without a calculator).
  • Ratios guide – read this page to learn how to work out ratios on SHL tests.
  • How to answer table questions – learn about different types of numerical tables to help you prepare for SHL’s tests.
  • Solving graph questions – a guide to several of the unique types of graphs you may come across when taking a numerical test.
  • How to solve currency conversion questions – make sure to read these tips for solving currency exchange questions before taking your SHL numerical test.
  • Numerical reasoning formulas – download a PDF with the most important formulas you should be familiar with before taking SHL numerical tests.

More tips for solving numerical reasoning questions can be found in JobTestPrep's practice packs. Our packs not only include detailed explanations for each question, but they also provide study guides and video tutorials that elaborate on important concepts and demonstrate how to solve different types of numerical questions.

FAQs about SHL Numerical Tests

How Many Questions Are There on SHL Numerical Tests?

The number of questions on a SHL numerical test varies between the different types of tests. This can be anywhere between 10 and 50 questions.

Are SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests Timed?

SHL numerical tests are timed, and quite often these time limits are what makes these tests so difficult. This is why, in many cases, you are not expected to answer all of the questions in the allotted time.

What Level Are SHL Numerical Tests?

SHL has numerous types of numerical tests designed for different job levels. Accordingly, the difficulty level of these tests is extremely varied.

JobTestPrep offers numerical preparation packs specifically tailored to your level: senior management, graduate/management, or entry level (operational, sales, and technical roles).

We also offer battery-specific packs, which cover the different types of tests (numerical, verbal, and other) administered to certain job levels/roles: the CRTB pack (for junior managers and supervisors), the ITTS pack (for IT roles), the PTB pack (for administrative and clerical staff), and the TTB pack (for technical staff).

Where Can I Get SHL–Style Numerical Practice Questions with Answers?

SHL encourages candidates to prepare for its tests, offering several example questions and practice tests on their website. However, this practice resource is quite limited and does not cover the wide range of tests actually offered by the company. In addition, answers and explanations to these tests are not provided. You can check out our blog to get answers and detailed solutions to SHL's sample questions.

While training for numerical tests, it is very difficult to improve without knowing where you went wrong and why. For this reason, we have put a great deal of effort into making sure our SHL–style numerical practice packs include detailed answer explanations, as well as study guides and video tutorials that offer tips and tricks and help you learn new solving methods.

How Can I Increase My Speed on SHL Numerical Tests?

There are four main actions you can take to improve your speed:

  1. Master the basics – Make sure you are well trained in performing simple mathematical operations as well as calculations involving fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percentages, and currency conversion.
  2. Learn how to use a calculator – On the majority of SHL's tests, the use of a calculator is allowed. Knowing how to use your calculator efficiently can save you precious time and energy during the test.
  3. Sharpen your estimation skills – Relying on estimations can be of great value when the use of a calculator is forbidden, but also even when it is allowed. To sharpen your estimation skills, try to practise solving several questions without performing the complete calculation. Instead, look for shortcuts and rely on estimations. With time, using these techniques becomes more and more natural.
  4. Practise – Cliché as it might sound, the more you practise, the faster you get. This is especially true when it comes to numerical reasoning questions. Once you have practised enough questions, you will often find yourself doing certain calculations automatically.

Take a look at the free tips section above for useful links to study aids that will help you increase your speed.

How Are SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests Scored?

In most cases, your score is determined based on the number of questions you answer correctly. This number is then compared to a norm group of people with a similar educational/professional background to get your relative score. Read our page about SHL test results to better understand how these tests are scored.

What Is the Pass Mark for SHL Numerical Tests?

A large proportion of SHL numerical tests include a pass mark. A pass mark (also referred to as a pass score or a cut score) is a score, pre-determined by the employer, that you must pass in order to continue to additional stages of the recruitment process. There is no one single pass mark for all of SHL tests. Rather, as it varies according to the requirements of each employer.

What Is the Average Score for SHL Numerical Reasoning Tests?

The average score varies from one type of numerical test to the other, and it also depends on the norm group your score is compared to.

What Is Considered a Good Score on a SHL Numerical Test?

It is hard to give a definite answer to this question as different employers set different cut-scores and compare their candidates’ scores to different norm groups. However, it is quite safe to say that getting a grade of A or B is good.

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