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What's Included

  • Over 770 numerical practice questions in total
  • 15 CEB SHL–style numerical reasoning tests
  • 13 additional graph/table practice tests
  • Nine word problems tests
  • Eight topic-based drills (percentages, ratios, currency exchange, etc.)
  • 16 video tutorials and study guides
  • A Financial Terms guide and practice drill covering profit, tax, inflation, etc.
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access, 24/7 practice
  • Secured payment


Impress managers at Rio Tinto by achieving a high score on the CEB SHL aptitude test. Start practicing today and beat out the competition for your desired position at Rio Tinto.

What is the Hiring Process at Rio Tinto?

Getting a job at Rio Tinto is a multi-step process:
  1. Complete an initial interview—this may be a telephone interview, or you may be asked to record answers to a set of questions.
  2. Go to a Rio Tinto location for an on-site interview, and meet workers on the site. Interview questions will be both behavioural and competency-based. 
  3. Pass the CEB SHL aptitude test, which examines your numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive/logical reasoning skills.
  4. You may also be asked to take a CEB SHL situational judgment or personality test as well.  

Which CEB SHL Tests Should I Study For?

Aptitude (Reasoning) Tests

For most positions at Rio Tinto, you will have to take an aptitude test which measures your cognitive abilities in three different subjects:
  • numerical reasoning: your understanding of tables and your ability to draw conclusions from facts and figures
  • verbal reasoning: your ability to comprehend, synthesize, and evaluate written information
  • logical reasoning: your ability to solve problems and analyze information 

How Can I Succeed on a CEB SHL Aptitude Test?

In order to achieve a high score, you must become familiar with the type of questions on the test and the different ways to approach them. The best way to do this is to practise using JobTestPrep's study materials, which include hundreds of questions as well as practice tests which simulate the actual exam.

What is the Interview Process at Rio Tinto?

  1. Right off the bat, Rio Tinto cuts down the number of applicants by having them complete a CEB SHL aptitude test.
  2. Successful candidates are invited to a video interview.
  3. More tests! Once again, only those candidates who score high enough will be invited to the next round. 
  4. Finally, complete an on-site panel interview. Be sure to emphasize your track record of enforcing safety guidelines, as well as your relevant work experience.

What Positions Does Rio Tinto Hire For?

Jobs at Rio Tinto

Mechanical Engineering (graduate and staff positions) Health, safety, and environment graduates

Geologists (graduate and staff positions)

Human Resources (graduate and staff positions) Apprenticeships Various graduate program positions

Frequently Asked Questions

What other types of assessments may I have to undergo as part of the hiring process at Rio Tinto?

In addition to the CEB SHL test, you will probably need to take a personality test. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for this assessment as well. 

What benefits does Rio Tinto offer to its employees?

Employees at Rio Tinto enjoy a competitive salary, generous benefits package, health coverage, and numerous vacation days. 

Where does Rio Tinto operate?

Rio Tinto is an international company, but it operates primarily in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

How long does the hiring process take? 

It can take several months to get hired at Rio Tinto, so be patient and give yourself the best chance for success by practising using JobTestPrep's preparation materials.

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