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PeoplePlus’s Hiring Process

Regardless of if you are applying for a role at or through PeoplePlus, you will need to prepare for their recruitment process. Depending on the role you have applied for you may encounter many different steps during this process, including:

  • Application Process: To apply for a vacant role, you will need to visit the PeoplePlus jobs webpage. Once you have selected a position suited to your qualifications, you will be prompted to complete an online application and upload your CV.
  • Phone Screening: Following a successful application process will be a telephone interview. Phone interviews typically last from 10-30 minutes.
  • Employment Exam: Regardless of the role you are pursuing, you may be required to take and pass a pre-hire psychometric assessment.
  • Assessment Centre: Whether you will need to attend an assessment centre will be determined by the position you are pursuing. During an assessment centre, applicants will meet to participate in a variety of different activities including group exercises, assessment testing, and interviews.
  • Personal Interviews: Pass each of the preliminary hiring stages above will help you to reach the final interview stage. Final interviews are generally held in-person either one-on-one or before an interview panel.

PeoplePlus’ Thomas International Aptitude Tests

Psychometric and skills testing has become a major factor in the hiring process for many companies within the UK. These tests were designed to evaluate skill sets and sensibilities possessed by individual candidates pertaining to the roles being offered.

The most common test that applicants will face during the PeoplePlus recruitment process is the Thomas General Intelligence Assessment (GIA). The Thomas International GIA was designed to evaluate you in a variety of areas to ensure your suitability for the role you are pursuing. The areas of the Thomas General Intelligence exam are:

  • Reasoning: This section of the test will evaluate your ability to make inferences and draw logical conclusions from the statement provided.
  • Perpetual Speed: You will be presented with pairs of both upper and lowercase letters. You will be tasked with identifying the number of pairs that match as quickly as possible.
  • Number Speed & Accuracy: In this section of the test you will be presented with a set of three numbers. Your task will be to choose the number which is the furthest away from the middle number.
  • Spatial Visualization: This part of the test will assess your ability to identify pairs of images that have been rotated and aren’t merely mirror images.
  • Word Meaning: In this part of the test you will need to identify the word whose meaning is unrelated to the other words presented.

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PeoplePlus' Interview Process

During the PeoplePlus interview process, you will be asked a variety of questions pertaining to your previous work experience, qualifications, and workplace behaviours. Below you will find several examples of questions you are likely to be asked during the PeoplePlus interview process:

  • How have you resolved difficult workplace issues in the past?
  • What do you know about PeoplePlus and its values?
  • What makes you the best fit for this role?

Behavioural questions will give the PeoplePlus recruiters further insight into how you will and have reacted to situations in the workplace. It is recommended that you use the STAR interview method when answering behavioural questions to ensure your responses remain structured and engaging.


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