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Prepare for Müller's Tests

Regardless of the role you have applied for at Müller, you will need to go through their recruitment process. Below you will find a general overview of this process. Use this information to prepare yourself accordingly:

  • Application Process: Once you have selected a suitable position for the Müller careers webpage you will be prompted to complete an online application and upload your CV.
  • Phone Screening: If your application and CV are found to be a match for the position or programme you have applied for at Müller, you will receive an invitation for a phone interview. Phone interviews are often used to gauge your interest and fit for the vacant position.
  • Psychometric Tests: To get a better understanding of your measurable skills and potential for success with the company, Müller will often have applicants complete one or more pre-employment aptitude tests.
  • Assessment Centre: An assessment centre is often part of the Müller hiring process depending on the role you are pursuing within the company. During an assessment centre, you will meet with other applicants and participate in a variety of group activities, additional tests, and interviews.
  • Final Interviews: The final stage in the recruitment process will be your in-person interviews. Your interview or interviews will either be held one-to-one, in a group with other candidates or before a panel consisting of members of both the HR and management teams.

Müller’s Thomas International GIA Test

To ensure that they will be hiring the best and brightest candidate for the vacancy in their company, Müller will often administer the Thomas International General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) test. The General Intelligence Assessment was designed by Thomas International as a tool for evaluating your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills.

Another popular assessment administered by Müller to its applicants is a personality exam. This test will measure specific personality traits to assess your working style and interpersonal skills. It is often said that there are no right or wrong answers on a personality test, however, different responses may result in a negative impact on your overall personality profile.

JobTestPrep's team of experts have created the ultimate GIA-style and personality test PrepPacks™ to give you the tools you need to excel throughout the Müller employment process. By utilising our practice tests, study guides, and interview preparation materials you will be able to give yourself an advantage over other Müller applicants. Begin practising today to pass your Müller entrance exam and launch your career.

Müller’s Interview Questions

Below we have included several examples of questions that you may be asked during the Müller interview process:

  • What attracted you to this particular role?
  • How would you resolve a conflict between yourself and another co-worker/ supervisor?
  • Do you prefer to work independently or as a member of a team?

We recommend using the STAR interview method when answering questions of a behavioural nature.



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