Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT)

The Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test is the most popular test produced by this employment solutions company. JobTestPrep offers numerical reasoning practice tests with step-by-step explanations, teaching you the skills you need to master your test.

Kenexa-Style Numerical Test
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The Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT) is commonly taken with one or more of the following tests: Verbal Reasoning Test, Personality TestInductive Reasoning Test, and Logical Reasoning Test. The tests you take depend on the position you are applying for. One thing is certain—the more you practise, the more prepared and confident you will be on test day. 

Who Uses Kenexa Tests?

It is difficult to find any large, reputable company that does not require some form of psychometric test. Numerical reasoning tests are common in industries requiring numeracy, such as banking. Some examples of companies who use the Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test are Nomura and Balfour Beatty. Other companies also offer numerical reasoning tests—the largest of which is SHL. The tests produced by Kenexa and SHL assess similar skills, so JobTestPrep has designed one pack to help train your numerical reasoning skills across all HR companies.

What Does a Kenexa Numerical Test Involve?

Numerical tests can vary in difficulty depending on the position you've applied to. For example, the application process for the graduate management training programme at Nomura includes a 20-minute (20 question) online numerical reasoning test followed by a supervised 35-minute, paper-based verification test—that is, if you make it past the initial screening stages.

Kenexa usually ensures that no two tests are identical and draws from a bank of questions for each test. Kenexa's numerical tests usually involve an analysis of multiple sources of compex data, such as graphs and charts. Calculations on the test are similar to those that will be expected of you in the position you've applied for.

Kenexa–Style Sample Questions

Car Sales Revenue By Company

Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test Sample

1. Which company sold the lowest number of family cars?

  1. Bendali
  2. Caphil
  3. Hardet
  4. Nikera
  5. Cannot say

This is a warm-up question that evaluates your understanding of the graph. On a timed test, you may try to quickly start calculating answers because this is the first question in the set, and you may assume it is the easiest. However, the question makes no mention of how much each car unit costs, and therefore the correct answer is E (Cannot say).

2. Which company generated the highest proportion of revenues through sports cars sales?

  1. Bendali
  2. Sapland
  3. Caphil
  4. Hardet
  5. Nikera

This question demands calculating the relative part of sports cars sales out of the total sales for each company. One might be tempted to calculate this for all five companies, a decision which would take up precious time. Use an estimation first to eliminate the companies that will surely not qualify for this requirement. You can visually sum the columns of non-sports cars and then compare to the column size of sports cars sales. Saplan and Nikera can thus be easily eliminated. Now that you are left with three options, quickly calculate the following:

  • For Bendali: 3.5/(3.5+5.5+2+1)~0.3
  • Perform the same calculation for the remaining two companies: 
    • Sapland ~ 0.17
    • Caphil ~ 0.18

Therefore, the correct answer is Bendali. 

Note that these two examples reflect a very small share of question types, not to mention difficulty levels, seen on the Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test. The full variety of difficulty levels and numerical questions type can be found in our extensive practice pack.

Who Uses Kenexa Tests?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organizations, and job positions that require candidates to successfully pass Kenexa tests. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™ and ensure your success today.

AmazonManager, brand specialist, intern
Deutsche Bank Analyst, manager, graduate scheme 
HMRCGraduate scheme & tax specialist 
Credit Suisse Manager, accountant, intern 
GSKMarketing, finance, pharmacist, chemist
Jet2 Pilot & first officer 
L'oreal Management trainee, finance, graduate scheme
Unilever Leader, engineer apprentice, marketing
Bank of AmericaAnalyst, representative, intern 
Morgan Stanley Anayst & intern 
BloombergAnalyst, sales, finance
Merrill Lynch Advisor, management, researcher 
DeloitteConsultant, operator, analyst 
PwCManagement, analyst, consultant 
KPMGAuditor & graduate scheme 

It's important to note that while these companies are known to use Kenexa tests, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises.


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