Kenexa Verbal Reasoning Test

The Kenexa verbal reasoning test, formally the PSL verbal reasoning test is a very popular tool used by assessors to test candidate’s verbal abilities. Here at JobTestPrep we have an extensive range of products to cover every angle of these tests.

Kenexa-Style Verbal Tests
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The Kenexa verbal reasoning test come in various forms and are often tailored to the type of job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a managerial position, you will be presented with a passage that relates to that position. Hence these questions are not merely an assessing tool on your verbal reasoning skills but can also be used to assess your management skills.

Forming part of the Kenexa psychometric test battery, the Kenexa verbal test is rarely administered as a standalone test. Generally, major companies will use both the Kenexa verbal reasoning test and the Kenexa numerical reasoning test.

In some cases, a Kenexa logical reasoning test will be administered as well. High performance on any of the tests in the series isn't guaranteed. However, at JobTestPrep we have discovered that results can be improved dramatically with correct practise and an understanding of how the tests work. Get answers to Kenexa free online tests.

Who Uses Kenexa Tests?

In today’s world, where every company is trying to cut the costs of the hiring process, psychometric tests are now commonplace. From the largest of companies to the smallest, they are all using tests of some kind in order to more easily hire people who are ideally suited to the role. Some companies using the Kenexa tests are: Deutsche Bank, Nomura and Standard Chartered to name but a few. There are various different levels of these tests and this is done to reflect the type of position applied for. Different skills are needed for different jobs and as such, the candidate will need to demonstrate the skills in a very real way.

This is done through the Kenexa verbal reasoning test. You will have only approximately 30 seconds to answer each question so it is therefore imperative that you practise these tests and get a feel for how they work. Armed with this knowledge not only will you be able to do yourself justice throughout the entire application process, but you will have the confidence knowing what to expect thus taking nerves out of the picture. 

We will go through an example question below:

Companies wishing to increase their growing pace occasionally use the method of franchising which provides a new owner with the permit to use their business identity and in return to purchase products exclusively from the company. However most companies will aim to minimise the use of this method and often prefer the expansion of the companies' own branches. Companies who have previously used franchising learnt the essential need to monitor the business operation of the franchised branch.

Difficulties arise from franchisees and companies disagreeing on business policies such as customer care, service delivery efficiency and quality of human interaction. Inadequate attention to the monitoring of franchisees on the part of the companies is typically the cause of subsequent problems.Statement: Service delivery efficiency has reduced companies' will to franchise.

Is This Statement True, False or Cannot Say?

The text explains that service delivery efficiency is a cause for disagreement between franchises companies are reluctant to franchise. Saying that it is a cause for disagreement does not mean that it has reduced companies’ will to franchise.→ Hence the answer is cannot say.