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What is JLL Pymetrics Assessment Test?

The JLL Pymetrics test includes 12 games that are designed to measure 91 social, cognitive, and behavioral traits. Each game takes 1-3 minutes to complete, and altogether the whole test takes about 30 minutes.

The AI algorithm looks at every single action you make while playing the games and builds an elaborate personality report based on the numerous data points. Once a profile is built, it is compared to the benchmark set by JLL's top-performing employees.

Only the best will reach that benchmark and pass on to the next step of the recruitment process.

What Does JLL Look for in Pymetrics?

This is what JLL has to say about their desired candidates (taken from JLL career page):

We look for ambitious candidates who display our values of teamwork, ethics and excellence. We also find that the most successful people in our business are the ones that consistently demonstrate our leadership capabilities.

So be prepared to tell us about a time when you demonstrated one of these behaviours:

Get it Done, Business First, Think Big, Drive Change, Help Others, Inspire

As you can see, JLL employers set their bar quite high, and are looking for the absolute best candidates out there. Many traits can cover the JLL values, so let's take a closer look at one important trait:

  • Strategic thinking

By showing you are cable of building a strong strategy, you will answer a few main values, such as thinking big, drive change and putting the business first.

How does Pymetrics measure you strategic thinking?

Tower Game

In this game you are presented with three towers of disks in different colors, and an image of the target, which is the way the disks are supposed to be arranged. Your job is to rearrange it so it fits the target. The only rule is that you can move one disk at a time, and only one of the top disks.

Pymetrics Tower Game

This is a problem you can approach in many different ways. Which makes it a smart and simple way to compare different candidates, and rate the way they choose to tackle the issue.

Everything is taken into account - how many moves you make, how long it takes you to make the first move, how random are your moves, how many times you retrace your steps, etc. Using these different measurements you are getting a score, which is compared to the performance of other candidates.

JobTestPrep's practice pack is the only one that includes an accurate simulation. You get to play the games just like in the real JLL test, and get a personal performance report with tips and strategies. Then, you can play over and over again until you ace it.

Don't miss out the chance to practice and get an advantage over your competition.


How do You Pass the JLL Pymetrics Test?

As we established, everything that you do while playing the games is being looked at and analyzed. Unlike a regular test, trying to beat the system is almost impossible in this case, unless you get proper preparation.

The only way to do so is by practicing with interactive simulations, just like you will encounter in the real test.

Let's take a look at one of the hardest and confusing game on the list.

Lengths Game

In this game you will see flashing faces on your screen. Either a face with a long mouth, or with a short mouth. Your job is to quickly determine which one is it every time, and press a key accordingly.

Only problem is that the difference between the two is so subtle, that you have virtually no chance of succeeding without practicing.

Pymetrics Lengths Game

Once finished practicing, you will get a personalized report to help you understand how well you've done.

Then, you will have the chance to get some crucial tips and strategies, such as this one:

Try to notice the mouth is perspective to the eyes. The short mouth is closer to the middle of the eyes, and the long mouth is closer to the corner of the eyes.

You can play as many times as you like, until you acquire the skills to get it right.

Improve your score using JobTestPrep's JLL Pymetrics practice, the only available practice with accurate simulations - just like in the real test.

Go to our dedicated Pymetrics Games page to get detailed information and explanations on all 12 games.


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