The main package contains 2 full Ramsay-style MecTests and 2 Ramsay MAT. To better prepare you, we have included an additional 21 mechanical aptitude tests along with 1 mechanical and electrical reasoning study guide. This guide will hopefully help you better understand and brush up on past classes you've taken on the subject. As a special gift, we have an additional personality test and interview preparation that includes a study guide, video, common interview questions and more!

Learn everything you need to know about the Ramsay tests from the following video:

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Understanding the PrepPrep™

It's critical that you understand that there are various Ramsay PrepPacks™ on JobTestPrep. Each one has a specific purpose. Let's break them down:

  • Ramsay MAT: If you are applying for an apprenticeship, then Ramsay MAT (Mechanical Aptitude Test) is the test for you. The exam evaluates a person's learning ability as well as his capacity for understanding mechanical concepts. Our test has 36 questions that must be solved in 20 minutes. Topics that can be included are household objects, hand and power tools, production and maintenance and science and physics. 
  • Ramsay MecTest: Ramsay Maintenance Mechanics Test is designed for the more adept worker who considers himself a journey trades level. The focus is mainly on the mechanical skills and knowledge in the field. The test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. While there is no time limit, it is recommended to try to complete the test in 1 hour. Here you will find 15 hydraulics & pneumatics questions, 4 reading questions, 7 welding and rigging questions, 5 power transmission questions, 4 lubrication questions, 7 pumps and piping questions, 10 mechanical maintenance, and 8 shop machines, tools and equipment questions - a total of 60 questions in all.
  • Ramsay All-Inclusive: If both these packs interest you. We have good news for you. Our Ramsay all-inclusive PrePack™ is a combination of both MecTest and MAT. Thus, by taking this test, you will feel mentally worked out and ready for your upcoming job interview. Let's start practising!



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