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This test is described by cut-e as a way to assess "concentrated analysis of information and data sets" and can be used for a wide range of job profiles, from "junior and middle management, controlling, processing, research and development", to "apprentices and trainees especially in commercial areas".

Its interface and general format are unique to cut-e and different than common inductive reasoning tests used by other companies. JobTestPrep is the only place online that offers practice materials that follow the style and format of this test.

Test Characteristics

Similarly to the 'discovering rules' test, inductive reasoning tests require identifying a rule on the basis of a series of occurrences. In this particular test, titled cls, you are presented with two groups of tables. The task is to discover the rules and interrelations defining each group. Thus, when presented with new tables, you should be able to classify each table into its appropriate group.

  • Number of questions: 12
  • Time: 12 minutes
  • Sample question:

You have to decide whether the non-labeled image on the right should be labeled in yellow or purple.

cut-e scales sample qusetion

What's Included

  • 2 full-length mock tests
  • Friendly online interface simulating the same format of the real test
  • Explanations per question
  • Score reports
  • Immediate online access.
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