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Many companies use cut-e's unique testing and evaluation tools, such as easyJet, Airbus, Lufthansa, Rolls Royce, the Irish Police Force (Garda), Revenue Commissioners, and more. The reason for this is simple: cut-e is always looking to innovate its testing system and distinguish itself from other assessment companies. Its tests tend to differ greatly from those of other companies in terms of concepts, formats, and question types. One of the most interesting differences is that cut-e tests are typically much shorter than other tests on the market. Candidates often have no more than 12 minutes to impress with their abilities in a certain subject, sometimes even less.


Is This a Consumer, Finance, or Industrial Oriented Pack?

JobTestPrep's cut-e bundle pack includes both consumer-oriented and finance-oriented numerical and verbal tests. We include two tests of each orientation for both numerical and verbal, thus providing a total of eight practice tests. The difference between these versions is not in the difficulty level or in the numerical/verbal abilities being assessed, rather only in the subject matter. Thus, candidates from the consumer, finance, or industrial sectors will all benefit from our practice materials. Familiarise yourself with cut-e's unique format, and practise the mathematical and verbal concepts to improve your performance on the real test.

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What's Included

  • Two full-length, cut-e–style numerical ability tests
  • Two full-length, cut-e–style verbal ability tests
  • Additional numerical & verbal reasoning practice tests
  • Study guides & video tutorials
  • Comprehensive explanations & solving tips
  • Score reports
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