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Are you expecting to take the Revelian cognitive ability test? On this page we will outline this test, the different parts of it and how we can help you go into this test with confidence.
Practice Revelian's (Onetest) Cognitive Ability Test

Get a full-length mock version that follows many of Revelian's (Onetest) question formats. 

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Revelian’s cognitive ability test, also known as the OCAT, is a 51-question, 20-minute test that consist of three types of questions: verbal, numerical and logical/abstract reasoning. The makeup of the test is such that the questions increase in difficulty level throughout the test. There is a broad range of question types and difficulty levels meaning that this test is used across many role types. 

Verbal Questions in the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to understand, analyse and interpret information presented to you in the form of a written text. The questions in this test are based on your basic language skills with questions such as:

Are the following two words similar or opposite?



You have to select the correct answer. The questions do however, increase in difficulty level throughout the test so be prepared. Even if the test seems easy at first it may not stay this way the more you go on. In this test you have to demonstrate an ability to make sensible, logical decisions using your language skill. Moreover the verbal section of this test ensures an employer that you are able to fully understand written information that you have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Numerical questions

Numerical tests assess your ability to work with numbers in a detailed way. The numerical questions in this test are based on the four basic numerical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They are quite varied with some looking like Sudoku puzzles (even if they are not based on the same rules at all) and others being presented in sentence form giving you five different answer options. This test is varied in form and assesses your mathematical ability across a wide range of different numerical questions. Whilst the actual skills needed remain fairly constant, the way the questions are presented and how you approach them varies greatly. An example numerical reasoning question can be seen below.

In this matrix, identify the missing number as shown by the question mark. 

Abstract reasoning questions

Abstract reasoning tests assess your ability to think in a more lateral way.These questions present you with a number of different shapes with a logic pattern running through them, generally from left to right. After you have deduced this pattern, you need to use it to decide either the missing or next picture or the odd one out. Known as the fairest assessments as they do not rely on any language skills, these questions are a measurement of your lateral thinking skills on a number of different levels. An example abstract reasoning question can be seen below. 

Three of the shapes below follow the same pattern. Which two are different?

How can we help you prepare?

At JobTestPrep we have created specific packages on many different and varied companies and job positions. We have done the same with our Revelian-style (previously Onetest) cognitive ability test. This will give you full preparation and the necessary skills in order to perform well when you take the test for real.

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Prepare for Revelian Test and Assessment“ The actual Revelian test that I took, I scored exceeded 95% of the group that they had set so these tests have been worth every bit I've paid. „

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"Prepared me well, I scored over 95% in the test. :) I had a trainee paramedic recommend you for preparation of the tests and I too will recommend you."
NSW Ambulance, trainee paramedic, July 2015
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Technip Oceania - Graduate Engineer, March 2015

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