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What Does the Recruitment Process at Benteler International Include?

The recruitment process at Benteler International is fairly simple and straightforward.

The Phone Interview

Once you submit your résumé online, you will be contacted by the company’s recruiter who will conduct a phone interview with you. Questions you will need to answer during your phone interview will be about your work experience and career aspirations. Be ready also to respond to questions about the main events stated on your résumé.  

The Face-to-Face Interview

If your phone interview is successful, you may be shortlisted for a face-to-face interview. During your in-person interview, you will have an opportunity to talk with many representatives of Benteler International, from the Human Resources manager to senior managers of your prospective department, plant managers, and team leaders. The company’s representatives will talk to you about your education, duties in previous workplaces, the process of Hot Stamp Line, and the training process that you will undertake, if you become employed at Benteler.

The Test

After the interview, you will be invited to take the General Intelligence Assessment (GIA). This test is designed to measure your general intelligence. Benteler’s employers are interested in knowing whether their potential employees possess good adaptability and problem-solving abilities and thus ask them to pass this test, afterwards basing their hiring decision not only on the impression derived from the interview but also on the results of the GIA.

The Assessment Centre

In some cases, after their General Intelligence Test, job applicants are invited to the Assessment Centre to continue their recruitment process. In the Assessment Centre, during the assessment day, job candidates may participate in case studies and group discussions. They also do simulation exercises and make short presentations. Qualities that are usually tested during these activities are leadership, good communication skills, and ability to solve problems quickly. While job applicants are engaged in various activities, their behaviour is scrutinised and evaluated by several assessors who, by the end of the assessment day, exchange their notes and opinions about candidates before giving them points and deciding who should be hired.   

Although the recruitment process at Benteler is not complicated, it still requires preparation. You will safeguard yourself against failure by practising with JobTestPrep’s top-notched materials that include test simulations, explanations about the assessment centres, and interview questions, answers, and tips. Our interview materials contain interview questions asked during real interviews. In the section below, you may find questions posed in the past by Benteler’s recruiters to real job candidates.

What Questions Are Posed During the In-Person Interview at Benteler International?

Here are just several interview questions asked during the face-to-face interview at Benteler:

  • What do you know about Benteler?  
  • Can you do nightshifts?
  • How do you handle conflicts?  
  • What kind of car do you drive? 
  • Have you used CAD software in your previous workplace?
  • Do you like to do independent work, or do you prefer working as a member of a team?  
  • Was your integrity hurt by any decisions you made at your previous company?  
  • Do you want to be the metallurgist or lab manager?
  • How do you behave in stressful situations?
  • What qualities make you a good fit for the applied position?
  • What do you think about the company's values?  

Read these questions attentively and compose clear and clever answers to them. If you retain composure during your conversation with recruiters and reply to them smartly and to the point, you will make a favourable impression on them and will inspire them to prefer you over other job applicants. Make sure also to research about Benteler International and browse its website. Some of the questions on the interview may be about the company’s mission, department divisions, business goals, and revenue. You do not want to stumble over these questions and damage a good image of yourself, thus weakening your chances of being hired.  

What Is the General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)?

The General Intelligence Assessment is included by employers into their recruitment process because it accurately measures how well new employees will adapt to a new working environment and new role. The GIA is designed to evaluate job candidates’ mental capacity, the most important expression of which is their decision-making and problem-solving skills. The test also allows employers to understand how to sharpen leadership skills in their employees through further training and how to keep them motivated, challenged, and productive.

Thomas GIA Test takes job candidates 50 minutes to complete and is divided into the following sections:

  • Reasoning – This part requires applicants to make inferences and draw logical conclusions;
  • Perceptual Speed – This section evaluates how quickly job candidates identify pairs in given series of letters;
  • Number Speed and Accuracy – This part asks applicants to select a number which is the furthest away from the middle number in the series;
  • Spatial Visualization – This section requires candidate to perform mental rotations and choose pairs where differently rotated images are the same;
  • Word Meaning – This part invites job candidates to trace semantic similarities between words.

The General Intelligence Assessment is not easy. You will not do well on it, if you do not practise beforehand. JobTestPrep offers you a brilliant opportunity to become well prepared for your test at Benteler International. Our GIA test simulations will open the door to your employment in the company.



At JobTestPrep, we make an effort to design the most precise test simulations able to bring job candidates to the successful completion of their recruitment process. Purchase our all-inclusive PrepPack™ and start making a promising career at Benteler.


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