Reading Comprehension & Verbal Ability Tests

Learn about popular verbal aptitude tests that are seen at employers' assessment days, such as verbal comprehension, verbal abilities, and more.

Reading Comprehension
  • 4 reading comprehension tests
  • 10 true/false/cannot say tests
  • 12 vocabulary tests, that cover analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and more
  • 2 verbal study guides
  • 2 verbal video tutorials

There is a wide array of verbal tests that employers use which you may encounter at the assessment centre. Not all of them use the true/false/cannot say format. Some tests might be difficult, not necessarily due to critical reasoning requirements, but due to the very rigorous time constraints.

Comprehension Tests

In these tests you are required to read short passages of 60-100 words each, and answer simple questions in short intervals of 30-40 seconds. Although you are not required to apply advanced thinking processes, the test have some technical obstacles.

SHL, for example, has recently introduced a test format, which we believe examines not only verbal abilities and speed, but also an ability to quickly learn a new thinking process. For instance, even if the first few questions are answered erroneously, yet the following questions are answered correctly, the test results are evidence for strong adaptation and learning abilities.

Verbal Ability Tests

Verbal ability tests can measure a wide variety of mental skills and are found in a number of screening processes such as: public services, armed forces, police forces, etc. Some tests require finding similarities between groups of words, thus evaluating vocabulary and logic. Others use words to present certain sequences which are similar to those found in inductive reasoning tests.

Preparing for Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading comprehension questions can be easily mastered with the right practice tools and preparation. These types of questions are a common component of verbal reasoning tests and, therefore, it is beneficial to familiarize yourself with the format and understand how to answer these questions correctly. Although verbal reasoning tests come in many different forms and styles, JobTestPrep is here to help. With preparation resources tailored to specific companies, such as Macquarie psychometric assessment, to specific test providers, such as Cubiks online assessments, or our all-inclusive verbal reasoning packs, we will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.